Pregnancy Milestones

Positive Pregnancy Test:

June 16: Took a digital pregnancy test at 5:30 am and it said “PREGNANT.” I was stunned, and despite by desire to tell Todd in some sort of creative way, all I was speechless and could only turn on the light and hand him the stick. When my Mom, who was visiting, came in at 6:30 am, thinking it was 8:30 am and that we were late, again, all I could do was just hand her the stick. I still can’t believe how early these tests can tell you these days…I was less than 4 weeks when I found out!!

First Doctor Visit:
July 21: Apparently, doctors do not confirm pregnancy anymore. If you get 2-3 positive home tests, you’re knocked up for sure! I guess the tests are pretty good these days. I had taken six in a row, so…. Since I had been charting, we used that to calculate my due date which is March 27…a whopping 5 days after MY birthday. I hope I get to keep my birthday to myself

First Ultrasound:
August 21 (8 weeks, 6 days): The first ultrasound was just shy of 9 weeks and the baby actually measured 9 weeks exactly (1 day ahead of schedule). We got a pretty clear picture and heard the heartbeat, which was a speedy 166 beats per minute!

At Home Gender Prediction Kit:
September 6 (11 weeks, 1 day): We did the “intelligender” at home gender prediction kit today. In theory, this test can tell you the gender of your child as early as 10 weeks. Something about the hormones and stuff in your urine and how it reacts with the crystals in the test. Mine came back “BOY,” however, the test is more novelty than science and during our ultrasound a few days later, the technician had 3 separate women who did this test and the results were wrong. To be honest, I was very disappointed at first, but I’ve come around and will now be happy with either a boy or a girl

Second Ultrasound:
September 8 (11 weeks, 3 days): This ultrasound, the baby measured 11 weeks and 6 days…3 days ahead of schedule! He or she was also bouncing all over the place and the ultrasound technician gave him/her the “Fetal Movement of the Day” award! Heartbeat was 155 BMP. This visit was for a screening where they measure the nuchal translucency of the and at 16 weeks gives a risk factor for Down’s Syndrome. So far, everything looks great!!

Doctor Visit:
October 16: Nothing of note. More blood tests for risk assessment. The tests came back “no increased risk” hooray!

Anatomy Scan Ultrasound:
November 5: Anatomy Scan…the baby is perfectly healthy! Heart, spine, brain, etc. all look perfect 🙂 and….it is clearly a BOY!! Heartbeat was a healthy 145-150 BMP

Doctor Visit:
December 11: Just a routine visit. Everything looks good. Baby’s HR was a healthy 150 bpm. We started measuring fundal height this week…all looks good there. Apparently the top of my uterus is about 2 in above my belly button now!

Doctor Visit:
January 8: Routine visit…and glucose screen (all good here, it was 103…far below the required 135). Met the 2nd Dr. in the practice today. After this one I start going every 2 weeks!! Baby has gone head down and his heart rate was in the 150s. My fundal height is a little big so I’ll be getting another ultrasound at my next visit to check on his size.

3D/4D Ultrasound:
January 16: This was very cool! Turns out the kiddo has Dad’s nose, huge feet, HAIR, and is VERY clearly a boy, lol!! He is head down, facing my left with a heart rate of a healthy 148. He is looking pretty well filled out already so I’m anxious to find out his actual size during my ultrasound on the 25th. My guess is around 4 – 4.5 lbs…and I still think he’ll come 2-3 weeks early.

Check out the size of his foot!!

Doctor Visit and Ultrasound:
January 25: Had an ultrasound today to look at Baby’s size. When the tech measured his head she thought he was 34 weeks (I am only 31…). When she averaged all the measurements he is measuring 32 weeks, 5 days…almost 2 weeks ahead! He is 4 lb, 4 oz, which is exactly what I’d guessed!! He is in the 62nd percentile for size, so big, but not huge. If he continues to grow at the average rate and I go full term he might be 8 – 8.5 lbs. I really hope I go early and he doesn’t get too big!! His HR was a healthy 137 🙂 Everything else is looking good. My only issue right now is a near total lack of sleep so my Dr. prescribed me some ambien and I am soooo looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep tonight!! Sleep deprivation is a killer!!

Hospital Tour/Pre-Registration & Pediatrician Visit:
February 3: Met the pediatrician in the afternoon and just loved him! Later in the evening we did the hospital tour and got pre-registered. We both really liked the birthing center which is great because I was really nervous about it!

Breast feeding Class:
February 7: Breastfeeding class at the hospital. It was good and Todd learned a lot, though I have to admit that I did not learn anything I did not already know. Not sure where I learned this stuff!

Doctor Visit:
February 8: Met the 3rd doctor in the practice. While I did not like her nurse, I did like her. My BP was high (140/86) and they drew blood and are having me do a 24 hour urine test to, hopefully, rule out pre-eclampsia. If the tests do not come back “within criteria’ they are going to put me on bed rest! Baby is doing fine. HR was in the 150s. When the doc felt my belly, she exclaimed “WOW! You DO have a big baby!” Ugggg. Then she said that another ultrasound is definitely in my future and that depending on how big he gets we might be “discussing other options for getting him out.” Needless to say, I am a little stressed out about all of this.

Test Results:
February 12: Got urine test back and I do have pre-eclampsia and have officially been put on full bed rest until Baby Hickman is born. They are saying they will probably want to deliver right at 37 weeks! Maternity leave starts today!

New Dad Bootcamp and Safety/CPR Class:
February 13: Todd has a “New Dads Bootcamp” class in the morning, then a kids CPR and Safety/First-Aid class in the afternoon. I was supposed to go to the safety/CPR class, but was

Doctor Visit – Ultrasound and NST:
February 17: Ultrasounds was good. The fluid level around the baby was normal and the “little” guy is now up to 6 lb 3 oz and measures at 37 weeks (I am only 34 weeks, 4 days)!! Next up was the NST (non-stress test) where they put me in a La-Z-Boy and hooked me up to a fetal monitor to measure both the baby’s heartbeat and uterine activity (to see if I was having contractions…I was not). Baby looked great 🙂 My blood pressure was 116/86 so not too bad. Apparently it’s the bottom number they are the most concerned with and that was the same as last time, 86.

Birthing Class – Birthing from Within:
February 19-20: After much scheduling trouble, we are doing a weekend intensive Birthing from Within class. The instructor is coming to our house, which turns out to be super since I am on bed rest and would not be able to go to a class somewhere. The class was great and it turns out the instructor is also a doula so we’ll be using her as our doula as well. The doula is really more for Todd than me and he’s thrilled to have one 🙂

Doctor Visit:
February 23: This was a routine visit with my OB (finally back from her vacation in Hawaii!). I had not seen her since before the pre-eclampsia was diagnosed…surprise! My BP was up a bit today and clocked in at 140/90, an all time high for me! They are not too concerned with that though…the danger mark is apparently 160/105. Baby is looking great…another NST looked excellent! Today was also my first internal exam…my cervix is anterior, I am 70% effaced, 1 cm dilated, and the baby is in a -2 position! Hopefully I will go into labor on my own (i.e. before they want to induce me due to the pre-eclampsia) right at 37 weeks, which would be March 6. From here until I deliver, I will be at the Doctor’s office twice a week…Mondays and Thursdays (though this week I go back on Friday). I will get an AFI (ultrasound to measure the amniotic fluid) and NST at each visit and an internal exam once per week.

Doctor Visit:
February 26: NST and AFI today. The baby’s fluid is still looking good. My BP was
130/86 so looking good as well. Baby was good and reactive on the NST and surprise of the day
was that I was having contractions during the NST!! The UA (uterine activity) went up to the mid
seventies and the doc had said earlier that 90 is about as big as a contraction would get. Since I felt absolutely nothing at all in the 70s, I am hoping that bodes well for when they actually get big!

Doctor Visit:
March 1: Baby’s fluid looks good, NST was good, 80% effaced, 1 cm, -2 station, BP was 130/90. Basically, no change from a week ago 😦

Thatcher is Born!!!!!!!
March 3: My water broke at 6:15 am…no contractions until after my water broke then they
came every minute or less until he was born at 1:37 pm


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