Pregnancy – Week by Week


Week 1: Blissfully unaware..

Week 2: Blissfully unaware..

Week 3: Blissfully unaware..until midweek when I get my first positive test and am stunned!

Week 4: Feeling good

Week 5: A little cranky and had to go bra shopping!

Week 6: Morning sickness is beginning and I’m exhausted

Week 7: Whoever called it “morning” sickness should be tarred and feathered! I’m sick all day, exhausted all day, and cranky!

Week 8: More of the same…I can sleep 12 hours, take a 3 hour nap and STILL be tired!

Week 9: Got a 3 day cold 😦 More of the same…discovered “sea-bands” for morning sickness and thankfully they do seem to be helping some. I also tried those “preggie pops” which just make me gag!

Week 10: More of the same…this is my moodiest week yet

Week 11: More of the same…though I am having more stretches when I am less sick and I am hopeful that morning sickness is coming to an end

Week 12: Had a 7 day cold 😦 Very emotional…I cried my eyes out upon seeing a dead skunk by the side of the road. Still queasy and tired.

Week 13: Got the flu 😦


Week 14: Still have the flu 😦  functional. Exhausted. Feeling a few “flutters” here and there. Heartburn kicked in this week – boo!

Week 16: Starting to feel a little more movement, but nothing definitive. Not feeling horrible, not feeling good either. Still tired

Week 17: Starting to show 😦 Still tired, still have heartburn.

Week 18: Feeling good, just really tired from work

Week 19: Still feeling good, just really tired from work and packing

Week 20: It’s a BOY! Still having heartburn. I “popped” this week!

Week 21: Still feeling good…still having heartburn

Week 22: Still feeling good…finished by whole bottle of TUMS. Got a pinched nerve in my back

Week 23: Still feeling good…I sure hope this lasts!! Baby always lets me know when I’m over-doing it (which I am prone to…) by kicking me.

Week 24: Lots of kicking this week. Felt a few random braxton hicks contractions. Overall, feeling pretty good. Still having heartburn and my vitamins have begun ‘repeating’ which is gross. My feet are swollen and fall asleep all the time. Very tired…went to bed at 6pm one night!

Week 25: Feeling pretty good, heartburn aside

Week 26: Starting to feel really pregnant now. I’m longing for the days when rolling over in bed didn’t require any effort, lol


Week 27: So, so very tired…it’s like the first trimester all over again! I’m also getting so, so full anytime I eat anything and I stay full for 4-6 hours! I guess my stomach is being smushed by baby, lol.

Week 28: Lots of hip and back pain and lots of kicking

Week 29: Getting bigger and more uncomfortable. Missing the ease with which I used to be able to: roll over in bed, get off the sofa, tie my shoes, bend over, see my feet…

Week 30: Feeling OK, just more and more difficult to get comfortable. I have to pee just about every single time I get up and heartburn is still bad. I used to only need the pregnancy pillow to sleep every few nights and now I need the pregnancy pillow plus 2 others! Fatigue is pretty bad

Week 31: So far so good. Still having trouble sleeping…I cannot even remember the last time I slept more than 3 hours at a time 😦 I’m sooo over being pregnant!

Week 32: Just feeling really big…

Week 33: Big, uncomfortable, have to pee all the time, can’t sleep and stressed about having to get tested for possible pre-eclampsia…verdict is in, I have pre-eclampsia and was put on bed rest on Feb. 12

Week 34: I’ve been on bed rest and feeling OK. The belly is definitely getting bigger (as is the baby!!) and getting up and down and changing position is getting harder.

Week 35: Still on bed rest, which is boring but not as bad as I’d feared. Getting and feeling bigger and bigger every day!! I’ve been more and more crampy and my back is hurting more, but other than that, feeling relatively good. I do not sleep any more than 3 hours at a stretch 😦

Week 36:  Still on bed rest… I just want this kiddo OUT!!!

36 weeks, 4 Days – Thatcher is Born!!!!


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