Busy Busy Me…

I’ve got a lot going on!

  1. Big Brother Duties – I adore my big brother now that I’ve figured out that he is here to stay.  Every morning I race into Mummy and Daddy’s room to “see Baby Callister!”  I bring him toys, pacifiers and lots of kisses.  I am very helpful to Mummy and Daddy and bring diapers, wipes, burp clothes, bottles or whatever else I am asked.  I am very gentle with my brother, though I can’t wait until he is big enough to play with!
  2. Getting Ready for my New School – I had my last day at my old school on Friday and am very excited to start my new school on June 1.  I get to go tomorrow to begin my transition.  I got a new backpack and lunch box and can’t wait!  I was actually very disappointed to get dropped off at my old school on Friday and kept insisting “new school! new school!” all day!  My new school is another Montessori school near home.
  3. Going to Lowe’s – We all went to Lowe’s before the playdate so Daddy could get mulch for the dog potty area and sand for my sandbox.  I got to ride in a big race car buggy with Mummy and Callister…we took up the whole thing!
  4. Hosting a Playdate – Miss Shelby (and Baby Natasha), Miss Addy (and Baby Harper) and Miss Alexa all came over to play!  We had fun playing in the yard and playing with the cloud dough and oobleck Mummy made.  It was messy but fun!  I kept eating it and Addy and Shelby kept telling me “no, don’t eat it!”
  5. Playing on Pearl Street – We went to Pearl Street and I got to play i the playgrounds and see a magician juggle fire!  When asked if I wanted ice cream, I said no (weird, huh?!).  I had a blast people watching and getting to walk without always holding hands.
  6. Going out to Dinner –  We went to Mexican and Pizza on two different nights.  Both times, I did great, but insisted on “have root beer!”  My table manners are still great 🙂
  7. Potty Training!!  This one is a BIG DEAL!  I am on Day 3 of potty training and despite a little setback yesterday (it was too much to focus on using the potty during a playdate) I am doing great!  I love all of my big boy underpants (I have them that are: Cars, Toy Story, Sesame Street, Thomas the Train, and Paul Frank Monkeys) and that I get a goodies for going in the potty.  I need to be reminded to go, but I always go when reminded.  I haven’t said I needed to go then gone yet, but we’re getting there.  I have also only done pee pee in the potty, buy I’m getting close to doing poo poo in there too.  Pretty soon there will be no more diapers (which I only use for naps and nighttime)!

Here are some photos:


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