Parent Teacher Conference Day

2nd Breakfast...

2nd Breakfast...

For lunch and dinner, I ate in front of the TV, while sitting in the laundry basket.  The basket was all my idea!  At least I ate in style sporting my super cool  seersucker pants and new belt 🙂  Mummy says that as my Mother’s Day gift to her, for life, she wants to see me in seersucker pants on that day…she really loves them!

Lunch in the basket...

Lunch in the basket...

Today, I just played and read books, no TV!!  I also ate at the table and used my best manners.  I now say Thank You about 95% of the without being asked and say Please about 80% of the time unprompted.

After breakfast and playtime and story time it was time to go to school for the parent teacher conference.  Daddy kept telling me that is there was anything Mummy and Daddy needed to know, now was the time to tell them.  I didn’t get it.  It was a little weird to have Mummy and Daddy in my classroom and not have any of my friends there.  I played in the room while my teachers Miss Jenni and Miss Ashley talked to Mummy and Daddy about me.

I am an amazing kiddo and my teachers and Mummy and Daddy could not be more proud!!  I am a leader in the class and very advanced across the board.  Here is my great progress report:

 After our parent teacher conference we went into Boulder to celebrate with lunch at Big Daddy’s Bagels and made a quick stop to get Mummy more tea from Rebecca’s to help my little brother finally come out to meet us!  Since I snacked in the car I wasn’t too hungry for lunch, but did have fun reading some of the books that were there and interacting with an older boy next to us.  By the time we got home, I was pooped and couldn’t even lift my head off Daddy’s shoulder from the car to my bed.  After my nap, Daddy is going to take me to the sporting goods store to get a new soccer ball!  Nicholas popped my old one with his teeth…he apparently doesn’t know that you’re supposed to KICK the soccer ball, not bite it.  Silly dog!


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