My Great Weekend!

I sure had an action-packed and fun-filled weekend!

On Saturday I started the morning with my usual gymnastics class.  Fun!  Though I did drink a bunch of water in the middle of class then do a ton of jumping which made me throw up.  Not a lot and I am not sick…I just jiggled the water right out of my tummy.  I took a great nap when I got home.  When I woke up, we had some lunch then got to go to The Little Gym AGAIN!!  This time it was for my friend, Austin’s, 2nd birthday party!!  It was a different gym and had cool toys in the waiting area and a bigger gym area.  I had so much fun!!  It was kind of like a gymnastics class with some structured activities and some free play time.  They had an awesome ‘rock wall’ that I have not seen at my gym and I loved it!  I was great at climbing all the way to the top too.  Mummy forgot to take any photos, but luckily Miss Shelby’s Mommy did…here is her post about it, with photos.

I was so sleepy when the party was over.  I had some granola bar and a banana in the car and called it dinner.  I went straight to sleep as soon as we got home!  The next morning, I must have still been tired because by the time 10 am rolled around (about 1 hours before my usual nap) when Daddy took my upstairs to change my diaper I asked for “night night?”  I slept for 2 solid hours.

When we got up we had some lunch, leftover pizza, but I wasn’t too hungry yet.  I picked over all of my black olives first, then had some of Mummy and Daddy’s olives (saying “Thank you Mummy, Thank you, Dada” after every ‘gift’) before picking off and eating my mushrooms too.  I ended up having a few actual bites of pizza but was really just not hungry yet.  We loaded up in the car and headed out to spend the afternoon in Estes Park in the mountains.  We stopped to get gas and Daddy bought a snack mix.  On the way up, I watched Toy Story 3 (again!) on the iPad and ate a solid portion of the snack mix…picking out my favorites and offering Mummy and Daddy my least favorite pieces (pretzels) periodically.

As soon as we got past Lyons (where we stopped for Mummy to pee) and really started going up, I was all done with my movie and wanted to look out the window at the mountains, trees and creek.  I especially loved seeing the flowing creek!  It was gorgeous!  Mummy taught me to open and close my mouth to pop my ears…I did really well!  As soon as we came into Estes we saw a big herd of elk right near a fun looking playground so we stopped (Mummy had to pee again too and they had bathrooms).  There were two parts to the playground, one for littler kids, like me, and one for bigger kids.  We played for a while then headed over to see the big elk.

There were a few groups of elk just past a split rail fence near the walkway around the playground.  One set was really, really close to the path and fence…about 20 feet?  I though the “big animals” were super cool!  I wanted to get closer but Mummy and Daddy told me we had to respect the animals and not get too close.  I decided to run back to the playground then.

After more playing we got back in the car and went a little further into Estes to get some ice cream.  It was a gorgeous day and ice cream seemed like a great idea – it was!.  I got a cake cone with cookies n’ cream ice cream and I did a GREAT job eating it.  I didn’t spill a single drop onto my clothes!!!  Mummy was amazed…and a little embarrassed that she spilled some of hers all over her shirt.  That big belly sure does get in the way!  When I was almost done with my cone I decided I wanted Mummy’s butter pecan in the cake cone.  Yum!!

After we finished ice cream we stopped in one more little store so Mummy could pee again (boy, she sure pees a lot these days!) then we got back in the car.  On the way down we stopped in a little shop that sells cherry and peach cider and homemade jams and goodies.  I picked out a honey stick for the car too.  I was a fun little store with some toys I loved playing with.  I was getting tired so fussed a little when it was time to go…good thing Mummy reminded me that I could have my honey stick when we got back in the car!  Yummy!

I was exhausted by the time we got back in the car and feel right to sleep when we got home.  What a fun weekend!

Here are some photos from yesterday’s trip to Estes Park (plus one of me eating a bagel in the morning):


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