The Greatest Restaurant (for kids) of All Time!!

After a fun day at school Mummy and Daddy took me out to dinner.  They had heard about this place from Mummy’s trainer and have been wanting to try it ever since she looked at their website and saw that they had a playroom!  It is in downtown Lafayette and is called Tutti.  Here is their website:

They have an eating area upstairs, a patio outside and the playroom is downstairs.  We got there a tad before 4 and were the first ones downstairs.  There was a big open area with all of the tables for eating and on one end of the room is a fantastic playroom with plexiglass walls to keep the noise down a bit (with two large openings to go in and out).  On the opposite side of the playroom is a bar (or playroom for parents!).  Parents can see the playroom, and their kids, from every table.  It’s brilliant!!!

I LOVED playing with all of the new toys (new to me).  There was a train table, play kitchen, dress up clothes and mirrors, a TV (which was not on yet) with chairs that apparently plays Toy Story (my favorite!!!), and loads of toys and stuffed animals.  Mummy and Daddy got to relax and eat and drink while they watched me play to my little heart’s desire.  I would pop back over whenever I wanted some food.  Normally I have to sit nicely in my chair through the whole meal so this was definitely a special treat for me!  I did end up eating quite a big of food while I played.  Everything was delicious!

The food was really, really good.  Mummy especially loves that it is all organic, mostly local and is all prepared from scratch.  The prepared from scratch part means that it can take a little longer for food to arrive a the table, but with a playroom for me it was alllll good!  Everything comes in three sizes: saucer (small), plate (medium), and platter (large…a.k.a. family style) so even though I didn’t eat off the nice kids menu (a build your own concept) the saucer size was just right.  While Mummy and Daddy didn’t do it this time, during happy hour (4-7 I think?) you can order a saucer size of a whole big list of things for only $2 each!  2-3 saucers would definitely make a satisfying meal!

The only thing that would have made Tutti’s more fun would have been to come with friends.  I was the only one in there for a long time.  Finally two little girls came in too, but they were a bunch older and mostly played with each other.  I did have fun watching one of the little girls on the hippity hop and had fun trying to use it when she was finished.  I mostly thought rolling over it was more fun than bouncing on it.

Here is a fun tidbit from the ride home from dinner:  We passed a big school bus parking area on the way home.  I LOVE seeing a bus, especially a school bus.  After Mummy excitedly pointed it out to me, I lit up, pointed and said “how ’bout that!”  (note from Mummy: we have NO idea where he came up with that, but it was hilarious!)

Here are 2 videos of me playing at Tutti:

Here are a few photos (not very good ones, but you get the idea:


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