Today I…

  • Had a pretty low-key Sunday.  We let Mummy sleep in (she was up by 4 am and needed a little more sleep) and Daddy let me stay in my Buzz Lightyear jammies (all day!) and eat breakfast (an english muffin with butter and jam!) in the living room (in ‘my’ recliner) while watching Toy Story for the bazillionth time.  Mummy does not let me eat in the living room!!!
  • I always ask for a Barbie when I see her in Toy Story 3.  Why?  I think she’s pretty…and I tell Mummy and Daddy this.
  • Started calling Mumma, Mummy! Consistently!  Mummy loves this…except when I whine it over and over.   Mummy hopes it takes a very long time for Mummy to turn into Mommy or Mom.
  • Was playing with toys and got frustrated by not being able to get something to work properly and stood over it with a furrowed brow saying “Oh shoot! Oh shoot!” while stamping my foot.  (note from Mummy: that’s better than what he once (and only once!) parroted after me…the other “s” word.  Ooops!  This time there was no parroting, it was used in correct context and all on his own.  We’re not sure where he got the foot stomp from but it was hilarious)
  • Was watching Toy Story 3 (again!) while sitting next to Daddy.  Daddy was very tired and fell asleep and started snoring very loudly.  I looked over at him, scrunched up my scraped and scabbed nose and said, while swatting his nose, “No Dada! No!”  Mummy thought that was hilarious (and would love to do/say the same thing at night when he snores)!
  • Said, after dinner, in response to “what would you like for desert,” “medicine!”  Apparently, I really love the antibiotics for my ear infection.
  • I was very helpful and can, and do, both get and put things back in the fridge or freezer for Mummy and Daddy.  I also feed my leftovers to Nicholas and load my own dishes and silverware into the dishwasher.  I do need help opening the dishwasher though.  It’s heavier than you’d think!  The other thing I love to help out with are spills…I will always get a tissue, paper towel or rag to clean up spills.  I do a pretty good job!  Granted, sometimes I make the spills, but I always help clean them up!  I am getting to be so grown up and I love to be helpful.  Mummy is savoring this!
  • Learned that I do not care for banana pudding, much to Mummy and Daddy’s surprise!  I did, however, love dipping crusty bread into olive oil and balsamic vinegar and eating noodles with sauce and vegetarian meatballs…mostly I loved the bread dipping.
  • Am still working on staying seated (on my knees or bum) all the way through dinner, even when I am not super hungry.  I like to turn around and see how close to the ground I can get before Mummy and Daddy tell me no.  It’s all fun and games until I get put back in my high chair (Trip Trapp chair) and strapped in because I didn’t listen.  I do NOT want to be strapped in anymore.
  • Love doing backfloats (all on my own!) and blowing bubbles in the tub when Mummy lets the water get deep enough.  I just love the water and would probably sleep in there if Mummy and Daddy let me!  If I’m not doing a backfloat I like to lay on my tummy and float as well as lay my head sideways in the water (covering my ear).  Mummy and Daddy wonder if maybe that is how I got my latest ear infection.
  • Continue to kiss all of the characters in my bedtime story goodnight.  It is very sweet 🙂



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