My Fun Saturday!

What a super fun Saturday!  After breakfast (yummy blueberry waffles!) we headed to The Little Gym like every (well, most) Saturday.  This was a special treat though…Mummy came with us AND when we got there Miss Elena and her Mommy, Miss Celia were there too!  It was ‘bring a friend’ day and it was fun to have my friend with me.  We had so much fun.  The only yucky part was when I was running around like a crazy man and accidentally ran head first into another little boy doing the same thing.  My lip bled a little and is a little fat now, but I’m ok.  I cried a little bit and was pretty huggy for the rest of the class.  My fat lip goes nicely with the giant scrapes on my nose I got from falling on the playground at school.  Nobody even noticed when I fell because I never cried.  My teacher just noticed my red nose when I went inside for a nap.  The scrapes from yesterday turned into scabs today.  It doesn’t hurt though!

After gymnastics Miss Elena and Miss Celia came with us to The Runway Grill where we had breakfast (2nd breakfast…) and watched the airplanes and helicopters!!  We had a blast!!  I love watching the airplanes from behind the fence outside.  It was so pretty outside and we played until I started throwing rocks and one hit Elena’s hands by mistake.  I said I was sorry and gave her a head hug but Mummy and DAddy said that was enough and we went home and I went right up to take a nap.  I was sooooo tired after gymnastics and running around watching airplanes.

After nap, Mummy and Daddy took me to The Butterfly Pavilion.  It was OK.  I liked looking at the bugs and spiders and creepy crawly things…Mummy did not.  The water stuff was pretty cool and I got to pet two different starfish with Daddy’s help:

After petting the starfish we went out into the tropical butterfly house…it was like Atlanta in August in there!!  Super-duper hot and super-duper humid!!!  Mummy could hardly breathe and go overheated and had to wait for Daddy and I back inside.  I thought the butterflies were really neat and was mesmerized by them.  I even saw a cool tortoise!  After a while Daddy and I went back in to see Mummy.  We then found a kids play area (like at the mall).  That was fun until a little girl (about 4) lifted her skirt and peed on the floor.  She was there with her big sister (maybe 6) and there were no parents in sight.   Mummy went to tell someone that there were two little lost girls and a big clean up needed in the play area.  She was told that “I’m working here (withing eyes sight of where it happened) and can’t leave or call anyone” despite a phone right there.  We’re probably not going back there.

On the way home from the “Pee Pavilion” we stopped in The Hobby Lobby to pick out some fabric for new pillowcases for me.  I went right for a bright green Toy Story fabric with Buzz and Woody on it – fun!!  When we got home, I watched Toy Story with Daddy while Mummy made and quick washed 2 pillowcases for me and made dinner.  I love my new pillowcases…though I still wanted to sleep with my ‘old’ ones because I am 2 and very much a creature of habit.

Here are some photos from today, though Mummy was bad and forgot to take any photos of me with Elena at The Little Gym or The Runway Grille:


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