10 Random Things…

I don’t have a single topic to post about but here are a few random things…

  1. Petals the pig, who lives at my school and loves cheese (I get to feed it to her!) got HUGE!!!

    Petals got BIG!!

    Petals got BIG!!

  2. Speaking of getting big and eating…I am still eating a ton a growing like a weed.  Here is breakfast from a few days ago…the bigger plate of eggs are mine, the smaller one is for Mummy.  Yes, I ate them all…plus toast with jam, a glass of OJ and of course, my hot tea.

    The one on the right is mine...the other one is for Mummy

    The one on the right is mine...the other one is for Mummy

  3. I have discovered the joys of “fuzzy water,” otherwise know as Pellegrino.  Not tonic water, or any regular carbonated water…San Pellegrino in particular is what I love.  I no longer want regular water.
    My new favorite!

    My new favorite!

    Here I am drinking my new love:

  4. I am cutting most of my 2 year molars and they HURT!  I am very good about telling Mummy and Daddy “teeth hurt.  medicine?”  I also like to have a “brrr cold teether” when I go to bed and in the mornings.  I hope these teeth hurry up and come in and stop hurting!
  5. I got Mummy’s cold and cough (Daddy got it too) and am snotty and cough a lot.  I occasionally run a very low temp (low 99s) as well.  This has been making me ask for “hot tea?” even more than usual.
  6. I love learning about manners and being polite.  Foo Foo got me a Manners book and I love it…I even brought it into school one day to share with all of my friends.  My favorite lesson is letting others go first, which I’ve been taught means “Ladies First” which I say with gusto now.  I’m going to be a very nice gentleman when I grow up!
  7. Due to my cold (and not sleeping as well due to the cough) plus the teething I’ve been having a few more meltdown than usual.  Maybe one a day?  Mummy and Daddy find it both sad and funny that the more upset I get the more polite I get.  I was crying about my teeth hurting and Mummy was asking if I wanted teethers, tea, my ya-ya, etc. and while crying I’d sob “no thank you! no thank you!” or “yes please. yes, please.”  Once, when I was up at night coughing (not crying, just awake) Mummy asked if I wanted my ya-ya and I said “no thank you” just as sweet as can be.
  8. As I am getting more verbal I am saying the cutest and funniest things.  While reading a book about a big dinosaur, Foo Foo made a comment about something being because the dinosaur was too big.  I responded, totally straight-faced and seriously with “exactly!  too big.”
  9. I am also very observant and Mummy and Daddy have fun seeing my little wheels of logic spinning away.  I was saying “hi brother” and giving kisses to Mummy’s belly the other day.  Then I had a lightbulb moment and pointed to Mummy’s breasts and said “other brothers?”  Apparently, to me, bump (of any kind) = baby!  LOL
  10. I love doing somersaults!!  I do them everywhere and all the time and I’m quite good at it.  My favorite game, however, is doing a somersault into someone or something and declaring “I’m stuck” and getting pulled back.  Here I am playing that game with Daddy:

2 Responses to “10 Random Things…”

  1. laurapayette Says:

    Holy cow that pig is big (and kind of ugly, sorry Petals). The “other brothers” comment is hysterical!

    • Thatcher's Mummy Says:

      Oh yeah, the pig (who was cute when she was teeny) is hideous. Freaked me out when I saw how big she was then started snorting and waddling over to me. Ick! The kids love her though and she’s great with them so that’s nice.
      I both cried and peed my pants flaughing so hard when Thatcher made his ilttle “other brothers?’ observation – he’s very interested in the boobs now. Such a little boy!

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