A Family Playdate

What a fun day!  Daddy organized a family playdate with Miss Addy, her new little sister, Harper and their parents.  Mummy and Miss Kristen thought it was great that the Daddy’s did the organizing and planning!

My Blue Bowl

My Blue Bowl

We went over to their house after breakfast and a little Toy Story 3 watching.  I insisted on taking a giant blue plastic bowl in the car with me…it had to ride on my lap too (both going there AND coming home!).  We were going to be riding bikes so we brought my new bike and helmet with us.  Miss Addy has a very similar bike…a push with your feet bike with no pedals.When we finally go outside to play (after a little inside time and a lot of sunscreen) we both wanted to ride in Addy’s pink Barbie jeep first.  It was AWESOME!!!  It had buttons with a radio that played real music and two seats.  Addy mostly drove and I sat next to her and played with the radio.  We went around and around in the cul-de-sac.  FUN!

Check us out!

After a little while I wanted a turn driving.  Addy was not super excited about that and decided to ride bikes instead.  I liked being in the jeep with Addy better than being in there alone so after a short time I got out and did a little bike riding too.  It didn’t take long before we worked up an appetite and went inside for lunch.  Mr. Chris grilled burgers (veggie burgers for me and Mummy) with cheese on the grill.  YUM!  I was pretty distracted by all of the new and exciting toys that Miss Addy has so I didn’t sit as nicely as I know how to.  I would play then run to Mummy for a bite, then play again.  I didn end up eating almost all of my burger with cheese, plus some chips and grapes.

After lunch it was time to go home for a nap…I again needed to ride with my blue bowl on my lap (I am so silly!).  Mummy and Daddy managed to keep me awake in the car all the way home (I do not ‘transfer’ well) by singing a song about a bear that Daddy knew.  Fun!  I was very, very tired and it was way past my nap time.  I took a nice nap as soon as we got home then went to bed nice and early.  It was a super fun Sunday 🙂


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