Parent Teacher Conference Day

2nd Breakfast...

2nd Breakfast...

For lunch and dinner, I ate in front of the TV, while sitting in the laundry basket.  The basket was all my idea!  At least I ate in style sporting my super cool  seersucker pants and new belt 🙂  Mummy says that as my Mother’s Day gift to her, for life, she wants to see me in seersucker pants on that day…she really loves them!

Lunch in the basket...

Lunch in the basket...

Today, I just played and read books, no TV!!  I also ate at the table and used my best manners.  I now say Thank You about 95% of the without being asked and say Please about 80% of the time unprompted.

After breakfast and playtime and story time it was time to go to school for the parent teacher conference.  Daddy kept telling me that is there was anything Mummy and Daddy needed to know, now was the time to tell them.  I didn’t get it.  It was a little weird to have Mummy and Daddy in my classroom and not have any of my friends there.  I played in the room while my teachers Miss Jenni and Miss Ashley talked to Mummy and Daddy about me.

I am an amazing kiddo and my teachers and Mummy and Daddy could not be more proud!!  I am a leader in the class and very advanced across the board.  Here is my great progress report:

 After our parent teacher conference we went into Boulder to celebrate with lunch at Big Daddy’s Bagels and made a quick stop to get Mummy more tea from Rebecca’s to help my little brother finally come out to meet us!  Since I snacked in the car I wasn’t too hungry for lunch, but did have fun reading some of the books that were there and interacting with an older boy next to us.  By the time we got home, I was pooped and couldn’t even lift my head off Daddy’s shoulder from the car to my bed.  After my nap, Daddy is going to take me to the sporting goods store to get a new soccer ball!  Nicholas popped my old one with his teeth…he apparently doesn’t know that you’re supposed to KICK the soccer ball, not bite it.  Silly dog!


My Great Weekend!

I sure had an action-packed and fun-filled weekend!

On Saturday I started the morning with my usual gymnastics class.  Fun!  Though I did drink a bunch of water in the middle of class then do a ton of jumping which made me throw up.  Not a lot and I am not sick…I just jiggled the water right out of my tummy.  I took a great nap when I got home.  When I woke up, we had some lunch then got to go to The Little Gym AGAIN!!  This time it was for my friend, Austin’s, 2nd birthday party!!  It was a different gym and had cool toys in the waiting area and a bigger gym area.  I had so much fun!!  It was kind of like a gymnastics class with some structured activities and some free play time.  They had an awesome ‘rock wall’ that I have not seen at my gym and I loved it!  I was great at climbing all the way to the top too.  Mummy forgot to take any photos, but luckily Miss Shelby’s Mommy did…here is her post about it, with photos.

I was so sleepy when the party was over.  I had some granola bar and a banana in the car and called it dinner.  I went straight to sleep as soon as we got home!  The next morning, I must have still been tired because by the time 10 am rolled around (about 1 hours before my usual nap) when Daddy took my upstairs to change my diaper I asked for “night night?”  I slept for 2 solid hours.

When we got up we had some lunch, leftover pizza, but I wasn’t too hungry yet.  I picked over all of my black olives first, then had some of Mummy and Daddy’s olives (saying “Thank you Mummy, Thank you, Dada” after every ‘gift’) before picking off and eating my mushrooms too.  I ended up having a few actual bites of pizza but was really just not hungry yet.  We loaded up in the car and headed out to spend the afternoon in Estes Park in the mountains.  We stopped to get gas and Daddy bought a snack mix.  On the way up, I watched Toy Story 3 (again!) on the iPad and ate a solid portion of the snack mix…picking out my favorites and offering Mummy and Daddy my least favorite pieces (pretzels) periodically.

As soon as we got past Lyons (where we stopped for Mummy to pee) and really started going up, I was all done with my movie and wanted to look out the window at the mountains, trees and creek.  I especially loved seeing the flowing creek!  It was gorgeous!  Mummy taught me to open and close my mouth to pop my ears…I did really well!  As soon as we came into Estes we saw a big herd of elk right near a fun looking playground so we stopped (Mummy had to pee again too and they had bathrooms).  There were two parts to the playground, one for littler kids, like me, and one for bigger kids.  We played for a while then headed over to see the big elk.

There were a few groups of elk just past a split rail fence near the walkway around the playground.  One set was really, really close to the path and fence…about 20 feet?  I though the “big animals” were super cool!  I wanted to get closer but Mummy and Daddy told me we had to respect the animals and not get too close.  I decided to run back to the playground then.

After more playing we got back in the car and went a little further into Estes to get some ice cream.  It was a gorgeous day and ice cream seemed like a great idea – it was!.  I got a cake cone with cookies n’ cream ice cream and I did a GREAT job eating it.  I didn’t spill a single drop onto my clothes!!!  Mummy was amazed…and a little embarrassed that she spilled some of hers all over her shirt.  That big belly sure does get in the way!  When I was almost done with my cone I decided I wanted Mummy’s butter pecan in the cake cone.  Yum!!

After we finished ice cream we stopped in one more little store so Mummy could pee again (boy, she sure pees a lot these days!) then we got back in the car.  On the way down we stopped in a little shop that sells cherry and peach cider and homemade jams and goodies.  I picked out a honey stick for the car too.  I was a fun little store with some toys I loved playing with.  I was getting tired so fussed a little when it was time to go…good thing Mummy reminded me that I could have my honey stick when we got back in the car!  Yummy!

I was exhausted by the time we got back in the car and feel right to sleep when we got home.  What a fun weekend!

Here are some photos from yesterday’s trip to Estes Park (plus one of me eating a bagel in the morning):

The Greatest Restaurant (for kids) of All Time!!

After a fun day at school Mummy and Daddy took me out to dinner.  They had heard about this place from Mummy’s trainer and have been wanting to try it ever since she looked at their website and saw that they had a playroom!  It is in downtown Lafayette and is called Tutti.  Here is their website:

They have an eating area upstairs, a patio outside and the playroom is downstairs.  We got there a tad before 4 and were the first ones downstairs.  There was a big open area with all of the tables for eating and on one end of the room is a fantastic playroom with plexiglass walls to keep the noise down a bit (with two large openings to go in and out).  On the opposite side of the playroom is a bar (or playroom for parents!).  Parents can see the playroom, and their kids, from every table.  It’s brilliant!!!

I LOVED playing with all of the new toys (new to me).  There was a train table, play kitchen, dress up clothes and mirrors, a TV (which was not on yet) with chairs that apparently plays Toy Story (my favorite!!!), and loads of toys and stuffed animals.  Mummy and Daddy got to relax and eat and drink while they watched me play to my little heart’s desire.  I would pop back over whenever I wanted some food.  Normally I have to sit nicely in my chair through the whole meal so this was definitely a special treat for me!  I did end up eating quite a big of food while I played.  Everything was delicious!

The food was really, really good.  Mummy especially loves that it is all organic, mostly local and is all prepared from scratch.  The prepared from scratch part means that it can take a little longer for food to arrive a the table, but with a playroom for me it was alllll good!  Everything comes in three sizes: saucer (small), plate (medium), and platter (large…a.k.a. family style) so even though I didn’t eat off the nice kids menu (a build your own concept) the saucer size was just right.  While Mummy and Daddy didn’t do it this time, during happy hour (4-7 I think?) you can order a saucer size of a whole big list of things for only $2 each!  2-3 saucers would definitely make a satisfying meal!

The only thing that would have made Tutti’s more fun would have been to come with friends.  I was the only one in there for a long time.  Finally two little girls came in too, but they were a bunch older and mostly played with each other.  I did have fun watching one of the little girls on the hippity hop and had fun trying to use it when she was finished.  I mostly thought rolling over it was more fun than bouncing on it.

Here is a fun tidbit from the ride home from dinner:  We passed a big school bus parking area on the way home.  I LOVE seeing a bus, especially a school bus.  After Mummy excitedly pointed it out to me, I lit up, pointed and said “how ’bout that!”  (note from Mummy: we have NO idea where he came up with that, but it was hilarious!)

Here are 2 videos of me playing at Tutti:

Here are a few photos (not very good ones, but you get the idea:


Today I…

  • Had a pretty low-key Sunday.  We let Mummy sleep in (she was up by 4 am and needed a little more sleep) and Daddy let me stay in my Buzz Lightyear jammies (all day!) and eat breakfast (an english muffin with butter and jam!) in the living room (in ‘my’ recliner) while watching Toy Story for the bazillionth time.  Mummy does not let me eat in the living room!!!
  • I always ask for a Barbie when I see her in Toy Story 3.  Why?  I think she’s pretty…and I tell Mummy and Daddy this.
  • Started calling Mumma, Mummy! Consistently!  Mummy loves this…except when I whine it over and over.   Mummy hopes it takes a very long time for Mummy to turn into Mommy or Mom.
  • Was playing with toys and got frustrated by not being able to get something to work properly and stood over it with a furrowed brow saying “Oh shoot! Oh shoot!” while stamping my foot.  (note from Mummy: that’s better than what he once (and only once!) parroted after me…the other “s” word.  Ooops!  This time there was no parroting, it was used in correct context and all on his own.  We’re not sure where he got the foot stomp from but it was hilarious)
  • Was watching Toy Story 3 (again!) while sitting next to Daddy.  Daddy was very tired and fell asleep and started snoring very loudly.  I looked over at him, scrunched up my scraped and scabbed nose and said, while swatting his nose, “No Dada! No!”  Mummy thought that was hilarious (and would love to do/say the same thing at night when he snores)!
  • Said, after dinner, in response to “what would you like for desert,” “medicine!”  Apparently, I really love the antibiotics for my ear infection.
  • I was very helpful and can, and do, both get and put things back in the fridge or freezer for Mummy and Daddy.  I also feed my leftovers to Nicholas and load my own dishes and silverware into the dishwasher.  I do need help opening the dishwasher though.  It’s heavier than you’d think!  The other thing I love to help out with are spills…I will always get a tissue, paper towel or rag to clean up spills.  I do a pretty good job!  Granted, sometimes I make the spills, but I always help clean them up!  I am getting to be so grown up and I love to be helpful.  Mummy is savoring this!
  • Learned that I do not care for banana pudding, much to Mummy and Daddy’s surprise!  I did, however, love dipping crusty bread into olive oil and balsamic vinegar and eating noodles with sauce and vegetarian meatballs…mostly I loved the bread dipping.
  • Am still working on staying seated (on my knees or bum) all the way through dinner, even when I am not super hungry.  I like to turn around and see how close to the ground I can get before Mummy and Daddy tell me no.  It’s all fun and games until I get put back in my high chair (Trip Trapp chair) and strapped in because I didn’t listen.  I do NOT want to be strapped in anymore.
  • Love doing backfloats (all on my own!) and blowing bubbles in the tub when Mummy lets the water get deep enough.  I just love the water and would probably sleep in there if Mummy and Daddy let me!  If I’m not doing a backfloat I like to lay on my tummy and float as well as lay my head sideways in the water (covering my ear).  Mummy and Daddy wonder if maybe that is how I got my latest ear infection.
  • Continue to kiss all of the characters in my bedtime story goodnight.  It is very sweet 🙂


My Fun Saturday!

What a super fun Saturday!  After breakfast (yummy blueberry waffles!) we headed to The Little Gym like every (well, most) Saturday.  This was a special treat though…Mummy came with us AND when we got there Miss Elena and her Mommy, Miss Celia were there too!  It was ‘bring a friend’ day and it was fun to have my friend with me.  We had so much fun.  The only yucky part was when I was running around like a crazy man and accidentally ran head first into another little boy doing the same thing.  My lip bled a little and is a little fat now, but I’m ok.  I cried a little bit and was pretty huggy for the rest of the class.  My fat lip goes nicely with the giant scrapes on my nose I got from falling on the playground at school.  Nobody even noticed when I fell because I never cried.  My teacher just noticed my red nose when I went inside for a nap.  The scrapes from yesterday turned into scabs today.  It doesn’t hurt though!

After gymnastics Miss Elena and Miss Celia came with us to The Runway Grill where we had breakfast (2nd breakfast…) and watched the airplanes and helicopters!!  We had a blast!!  I love watching the airplanes from behind the fence outside.  It was so pretty outside and we played until I started throwing rocks and one hit Elena’s hands by mistake.  I said I was sorry and gave her a head hug but Mummy and DAddy said that was enough and we went home and I went right up to take a nap.  I was sooooo tired after gymnastics and running around watching airplanes.

After nap, Mummy and Daddy took me to The Butterfly Pavilion.  It was OK.  I liked looking at the bugs and spiders and creepy crawly things…Mummy did not.  The water stuff was pretty cool and I got to pet two different starfish with Daddy’s help:

After petting the starfish we went out into the tropical butterfly house…it was like Atlanta in August in there!!  Super-duper hot and super-duper humid!!!  Mummy could hardly breathe and go overheated and had to wait for Daddy and I back inside.  I thought the butterflies were really neat and was mesmerized by them.  I even saw a cool tortoise!  After a while Daddy and I went back in to see Mummy.  We then found a kids play area (like at the mall).  That was fun until a little girl (about 4) lifted her skirt and peed on the floor.  She was there with her big sister (maybe 6) and there were no parents in sight.   Mummy went to tell someone that there were two little lost girls and a big clean up needed in the play area.  She was told that “I’m working here (withing eyes sight of where it happened) and can’t leave or call anyone” despite a phone right there.  We’re probably not going back there.

On the way home from the “Pee Pavilion” we stopped in The Hobby Lobby to pick out some fabric for new pillowcases for me.  I went right for a bright green Toy Story fabric with Buzz and Woody on it – fun!!  When we got home, I watched Toy Story with Daddy while Mummy made and quick washed 2 pillowcases for me and made dinner.  I love my new pillowcases…though I still wanted to sleep with my ‘old’ ones because I am 2 and very much a creature of habit.

Here are some photos from today, though Mummy was bad and forgot to take any photos of me with Elena at The Little Gym or The Runway Grille:

The Door…

Dog Door?  or Thatcher Door?

You decide…

Easter…and stuff


Happy Easter!  While we don’t celebrate the christian holidays as religious days, we do celebrate the secular parts. For Easter, that means the Easter Bunny, dying, hiding and finding eggs, wearing seersucker pants, and dinner with family.  I actually got to celebrate for 3 days in a row!

Easter #1:  At school on Friday we colored eggs and had an egg hunt.  I loved watching the little color pellets dissolve in the vinegar and using the ‘magic crayon’ on the eggs before dying them.  Since the egg hunt was at the end of the day Mummy and Daddy came too!  While all of the other kids found 1 or 2 eggs, I found SEVEN!  I am very observant!

Easter #2:  Saturday was a jam-packed day for me!!  I got up and went to gymnastics with Daddy (Mummy is too big to go anymore).  We brought home scones and coffee for Mummy as a sweet surprise.  While we were at gymnastics Mummy boiled a whole carton of eggs for coloring.  When we got home they were still cooling and I was very tired so I took a nap while the eggs continued to cool.  When I woke up, Mummy had lunch ready but I wanted to color eggs first so we did a hybrid lunch/coloring session.  I loved watching those pellets bubble and fizz as they dissolved.  I used that time to use the ‘magic crayon’ to color the eggs.  When the dye was ready I very gently dropped one egg into each cup and waited patiently for the eggs to be done.  I ate my sandwich while I waited.  They turned out great!!!

When lunch was finished and the eggs were all colored and drying I helped Mummy ‘make’ bunny cookies.  All I had to do was arrange them on a baking sheet, but it was still fun!  While they cooked, Daddy took me outside to ride bikes.  I am getting really good and am even scooting fast enough to do a little gliding!!  Just a little though as I’m still working on my bike balance.  I love it!!

After riding bikes and doing a little more playing outside we got ready to go get my haircut.  It had been 5 weeks and there was a little hair down by my ears and that drives Mummy bonkers.  She likes my hair nice and short and clean-cut.  I look so handsome with a fresh haircut!  When we got there, all of the little kid chair that are also taxis, airplanes, police cars and fire trucks were all takes…some with boys much too large to be still using them.  I hopped up in a big boy chair and got my haircut there…I did great!!  I got a purple sucker, held a Buzz Lightyear and watched a movie.  Fun!  When the haircut was all done Daddy asked me to put Buzz away back in the toy area and, with no tears or being asked twice, I did!!  Mummy and Daddy were so proud!!!

We then walked down to Rack Room Shoes and got me some much-needed new shoes.  I only had my one pair from Paris and they were certainly winter shoes.  My only other shoes were some cheap sandals Mummy found on sale but leave little red marks on my feet if I wear them all day.  Especially since I tend to get sand in my shoes at school, I wanted some sneakers.  I got some great boat shoes and a pair of nikes…all set for shoes for a good while!  I am now in a size EIGHT!  They are still a teeny bit too big, but not much and the sevens are too small.

Easter #3 (official Easter):  The Easter Bunny came!!!!  I got a big, brown stuffed rabbit, and a green Easter basket with purple grass, jellybeans, a rabbit sucker, a dark chocolate rabbit and a little chick that peeps when you hold him in your hand.  Easter is fun!!  I played at home all morning until nap time and took a nice, long nap.  After nap I got to wear my new seersucker pants and boat shoes, and we got in the car and went to Foo Foos house for dinner.  I got to see and play with Foo Foo and Aunt Dia.  They hid eggs for me all over and I found them ALL!  I got to practice passing out napkins for hor d’ourves and ate some deviled eggs.  When Mummy realized she had once again forgotten to get diapers for my diaper bad I took and walk with Daddy and Foo Foo to the store to get some.  I got to ride the bus!!!  It was awesome!!  I also got to sit on Aunt Dia’s scooter that was parked outside!

When we got back it was almost dinner time.  Foo Foo made a cool ‘bunny salad’ from half of a pear on a bed of lettuce (carrots for eats, half a cherry for a nose and a dollop of sour cream for the tail), a yummy, cheesy orzo casserole, steamed asparagus and rolls.  I ate a little of the salad, a whole role with butter but what I really devoured was asparagus!  I LOVE asparagus!!!  After dinner I was pretty tired so we went home and hopped into bed right away.


During these several days of Easter I’ve been not feeling 100%.  I am cutting my 2 year molars which is quite unpleasant.  They make me just ever so slightly cranky during the day, but with a little Tylenol I’m pretty much OK.  I’m also very distracted during the days.  At night, however, they really bother me.  I’ll tell Mummy and Daddy “teeth hurt.  medicine?  brr cold teether?”  I never say any of this when I actually have some meds on board so they think I am pretty spot on with when they hurt.  My frozen teethers are really helping right now!  On bad nights I’ll wake up every time my medicine wears off and need more, plus snuggles.

In addition to my teething I also have a little cold and possible an ear infections (we’ll find our for sure in about an hour when we go to the Doctor).  Last night when I was up with my teeth I also said “ear hurts” while pointing to my right ear, which is new.  I’ve never said that before and nobody asked if my ear hurt.  I just said it.  Since I don’t often show pain other than not sleeping as well, which is already happening from my teeth, Mummy and Daddy took me seriously and we’re going to get checked.  If it is an ear infection, hopefully some antibiotics will help me feel better soon!

Update:  We went to the doctor and Thatcher was spot on and does indeed have an ear infection in his right ear.  Todd is getting his prescription right now and hopefully he’ll be feeling better soon!

Since I was not going to school in the morning, I got to have one of my favorite breakfasts: hot tea with honey and a scone!  Yum!

Breakfast of champions!