My New Bike!!!

My New Bike!

My New Bike!

I got a new bike today!!!  It’s pretty awesome and I’m pretty awesome riding it!  It’s a blue Strider bike with a purple bell.  It’s a starter bike that looks just like a regular bike but has no pedals.  It will help me learn to balance and I won’t ever need training wheels – pretty cool, huh?!  I’ll go right from this bike to a real bike.I got to practice riding my new bike with Daddy while Mummy made dinner.  Check me out:

and more riding (and using chalk…on Mummy’s car!):

Mummy and Daddy were planning to wait until the baby was born to get me this bike, kind of as a present from my little brother (who will use it when I grow out of it), but decided the weather was just too nice to wait.  We went to the bike store after school so I could ride all weekend!  I was great in the store and tried out my bike, picked out my bell and played with the train table they had.  When it was time to go I started to throw a fit when the nice lady who helped us (who also has two sons, but much older) came over with some stickers and said I could have one once we were outside.  I immediately stopped crying (and Mummy thanked her sooooooo much!!) and happily went outside and picked out a yellow happy face sticker.

I’m looking forward to lots of riding in my future!!  I already run fast and Mummy says swimming lessons are next.  Triathlon, here I come!


2 Responses to “My New Bike!!!”

  1. celiaroundtown Says:

    That’s so cool! He looks so grown-up 🙂

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