A Spot of Tea…

Have I mentioned lately how much I love tea?  Hot tea…in the mornings.  Every morning.  Really!  I ask Mummy for ‘hot tea’ every morning and she makes me a special cup of chamomile tea with a little honey.  I have two cups I drink it from, and two only.  When I’m at home, having tea with breakfast, I use my dog mug.  It’s a ceramic mug (from The Huckleberry) with a little dog inside that looks like Nicholas.  I love to talk to the dog and give him a kiss on the head before I take a drink.  When I take my tea ‘to go’ (i.e. on the way to school) I use my blue sippy cup with a turtle on it.  I can’t drink anything else from this cup and I don’t want my hot tea in anything else.  Also, I don’t like when Daddy makes my tea…he does it wrong.  I am a very particular tea drinker!

Here I am with my hot tea in the dog mug this morning:


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