2 Year Check-Up

Time sure flies!!  This morning I had my 2 year check-up with Dr. Knott.  I did great!  The only part I was not a huge fan of was the height thing.  I stood nicely on the scale (31.4 lbs…75%) but the nurse had let the height measure thing drop and the noise freaked me out. She finally had to leave the room so Mummy and Daddy could measure me.  I am 37.5 inches tall…off the chart again!  It sure was easier to lay on the table to get my height done!  After we did my height and weight I got my blood pressure tested and it was perfect.  I was very good when my arm was ‘getting a hug.’

After the nurse stuff I got into a fun cartoon gown and we waited for Dr. Knott.  I love my doctor…he’s so funny and nice!  He listened to my chest and back, looked in my ears and mouth and checked me out.  Apparently I had an ear infection (both ears, but worse in one) when I had my cold a few weeks ago.  It’s getting better but there is still a lot of fluid in there.  Once again, I showed no symptoms or discomfort that would have given Mummy or Daddy a clue that something other than a stuffy nose was going on.

Mummy and Daddy talked with Dr. Knott about all the things I can do and answered all of Dr. Knott’s questions.  Apparently, I am way ahead developmentally on everything – wow!  Mummy and Daddy were not surprised…they know I’m brilliant 😉

The best part of the visit?  No shots!!  My next shots won’t be until I’m 5 – hooray!!  Mummy always opted for me to have all of my shots as early as possible and as many at a time as possible when I was little because she figured it was easier to do it when I was little and didn’t remember than wait until I was older.  So glad she did!

My next visit will be at 2.5 years then again at 3 and annually after that.


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