My First Visit to the Dentist!

Today I had my very first dental appointment!   It started in the waiting room where there were fun toys and even a vintage Pac-Man game table.  Then, a dental assistant took pictures (not x-rays) of my teeth with a little wand camera.  I was still a little shy and unsure of the situation so she only got 2 photos, but that was OK.  Once that was done we went into an exam room.  I started off sitting in the big chair which was neat, but when it got reclined I decided I needed to sit in Mummy’s lap.  We then did “knee to knee” with the dentist for my tooth brushing.  I sat in Mummy’s lap and I leaned back and had my head in the dentist’s lap.  I let him look at my teeth, brush them and count them!  I have 16 teeth plus one of my two-year molars is peeking through. That was it!  When we were all done I said Thank You and I got a new toothbrush and toothpaste and then I got to pick a treasure from the treasure chest…I got a green frog that jumps when you press the bum.

I go back in 6 months for another visit and will go every six months into the future.  Mummy thinks that is a lot, but apparently it is normal.  Mummy is a horrible dental phobic (not just doesn’t like the dentist, but a true phobia complete with anxiety and panic attacks galore) so Daddy will be taking me (and my little brother after his first visit).  She started to have a panic attack just being in the exam room but thankfully pulled it together so I didn’t get scared.  Mummy needs a Valium to even get into the car (not driving, of course) to go to the dentist then needs sedation for even a cleaning.  When she was about 20 her dentist dislocated her jaw and now she has TMJ (misaligned jaw that causes clicking and chronic pain) so she has a pretty good reason to fear the dentist.  Hopefully I will have nothing but good experiences.  Daddy will be taking me so Mummy’s dental issues don’t become mine too.

Some of the tips from the dentist were:

  • Brush daily, twice a day, using a tiny smear of regular (i.e. flouride) toothpaste…not the baby toothpaste.  We had been doing this anyway, per my doctor…
  • After night-time brushing…no rinsing, eating or drinking so it can stay on my teeth at night to protect them .  We will stop ‘rinsing’ after my night-time brushing…
  • For teething (my 2 year molars are coming in) systemic things (i.e. Tylenol, ibuprofen) work better than topical things that just get washed away (i.e. orajel).  I am apparently impervious to teething pain (and most other pain) so I’ll get Tylenol if I need it, but to date, teething has been a breeze for me…
  • Come back to the dentist regularly…ever 6 months.  My next appointment is September 10th…

That’s it!  I sure am growing up fast…



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