“Red one! Red one!! PLEASE!!!!”

Tonight we went to dinner at The Happy Sumo.  I discovered that I LOVE edamame…especially trying to squirt the beans out of their pods.  I also learned to use chop sticks to pick up tofu, dip it then eat it.  All without dropping it!!  Oddly, I did better holding the chopsticks on my own than I did using the special things that turn them into tongs.  Everyone was quite impressed!  Mummy tried to get it on video but I was done by the time she got it going.

She did, however, catch another huge moment on video.  Daddy had sushi for dinner, including some cucumber rolls, california rolls and tuna rolls.  I had a cucumber roll and it was ok.  What I really wanted though, was a “red one! red one! please, red one!”…the red one was the tuna roll.  I pleaded over and over like I’d had it before, remembered it and loved it more than cookies.  Finally, Mummy, the strict vegetarian (I am vegetarian too…) relented.  She always said that I’d be vegetarian until I made a choice.  Granted, she thought it would be a LOT later, but I was very insistent and polite about it and manners matter.  Daddy gave me the tuna roll (regular, not spicy tuna), I dipped it in soy sauce and went to town.  I loved it!  I loved it so much I kept asking for more red, more red?! Daddy had already eaten the rest, so that was all I had.

Mummy is still not sure if I’ll get to have fish again, but she figures that sushi grade tuna was probably an OK choice if I had to try something.  Certainly no pig, cow, chicken, turkey, rabbit or any other meat will cross my lips until I am much, much older, (hopefully never, but Mummy is realistic about this too) but fish is a maybe.  Only excellent quality fish though…no fish sticks or anything.  At least I have excellent taste!

Here is the video of me enjoying my first tuna roll: 


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