My 2nd Birthday!

I’m TWO!!!  I had a great birthday!!  First, I went downstairs and saw my awesome new train table – fun!

After breakfast, I chose a bagel, I got to open a few more presents from Mummy and Daddy.  By far, my favorite was my Elmo guitar – I loved it and love to play and sing the Elmo’s World song along with it.

I played with my toys for a long time.  Mummy and Daddy wanted to keep me awake until lunch so I’d have a good nap and be wide awake for my party.  Normally, on weekends, I still nap in the morning and afternoon.  What can I say, I love my sleep! One of the activities I requested to do on my birthday was spit.  Yes, you read that right, I said spit.  I got to stand at the sink, where I am allowed to spit, and spit with Daddy for at least 30 minutes.  I LOVED it!

Pretty soon after spitting I had some lunch then took a long overdue nap at noon.  I slept like a rock until 2 pm when Foo Foo came over.  She got to get me up from my nap – it’s always so fun to see Foo Foo!  Once I was dressed we went downstairs, where there were so many balloons, and I got to open more presents!!

Pretty soon, my friends started to come over for my party!  Mummy did not get as many photos as she would have liked…catching us toddlers on camera is tricky business.  We move faster than cameras can click so we mostly turn out blurry.  There are some on Daddy’s camera, but we’re having trouble getting them off right now…stay tuned for more!

I got to open even more presents!!!  I got some amazing toys and I loved all of them so much – thank you everyone!!!  After presents I decided it was time for cake.  I’d been wanting those two great lion and monkey candles all day!  Everyone gathered in the kitchen and sang Happy Birthday to me.  Then I blew out my candles – both of them – all by myself!!!

It was a great party!  I was so pooped by the time it was over that I went straight to bed.  I was a little wound up, and it was very late for me (about 6:30 pm) and I was so tired that I slept solid until 8:40 am.  Whew…getting older is exhausting!

Here are the few photos Mummy took:


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