My New Bike!!!

My New Bike!

My New Bike!

I got a new bike today!!!  It’s pretty awesome and I’m pretty awesome riding it!  It’s a blue Strider bike with a purple bell.  It’s a starter bike that looks just like a regular bike but has no pedals.  It will help me learn to balance and I won’t ever need training wheels – pretty cool, huh?!  I’ll go right from this bike to a real bike.I got to practice riding my new bike with Daddy while Mummy made dinner.  Check me out:

and more riding (and using chalk…on Mummy’s car!):

Mummy and Daddy were planning to wait until the baby was born to get me this bike, kind of as a present from my little brother (who will use it when I grow out of it), but decided the weather was just too nice to wait.  We went to the bike store after school so I could ride all weekend!  I was great in the store and tried out my bike, picked out my bell and played with the train table they had.  When it was time to go I started to throw a fit when the nice lady who helped us (who also has two sons, but much older) came over with some stickers and said I could have one once we were outside.  I immediately stopped crying (and Mummy thanked her sooooooo much!!) and happily went outside and picked out a yellow happy face sticker.

I’m looking forward to lots of riding in my future!!  I already run fast and Mummy says swimming lessons are next.  Triathlon, here I come!


A Spot of Tea…

Have I mentioned lately how much I love tea?  Hot tea…in the mornings.  Every morning.  Really!  I ask Mummy for ‘hot tea’ every morning and she makes me a special cup of chamomile tea with a little honey.  I have two cups I drink it from, and two only.  When I’m at home, having tea with breakfast, I use my dog mug.  It’s a ceramic mug (from The Huckleberry) with a little dog inside that looks like Nicholas.  I love to talk to the dog and give him a kiss on the head before I take a drink.  When I take my tea ‘to go’ (i.e. on the way to school) I use my blue sippy cup with a turtle on it.  I can’t drink anything else from this cup and I don’t want my hot tea in anything else.  Also, I don’t like when Daddy makes my tea…he does it wrong.  I am a very particular tea drinker!

Here I am with my hot tea in the dog mug this morning:

2 Year Check-Up

Time sure flies!!  This morning I had my 2 year check-up with Dr. Knott.  I did great!  The only part I was not a huge fan of was the height thing.  I stood nicely on the scale (31.4 lbs…75%) but the nurse had let the height measure thing drop and the noise freaked me out. She finally had to leave the room so Mummy and Daddy could measure me.  I am 37.5 inches tall…off the chart again!  It sure was easier to lay on the table to get my height done!  After we did my height and weight I got my blood pressure tested and it was perfect.  I was very good when my arm was ‘getting a hug.’

After the nurse stuff I got into a fun cartoon gown and we waited for Dr. Knott.  I love my doctor…he’s so funny and nice!  He listened to my chest and back, looked in my ears and mouth and checked me out.  Apparently I had an ear infection (both ears, but worse in one) when I had my cold a few weeks ago.  It’s getting better but there is still a lot of fluid in there.  Once again, I showed no symptoms or discomfort that would have given Mummy or Daddy a clue that something other than a stuffy nose was going on.

Mummy and Daddy talked with Dr. Knott about all the things I can do and answered all of Dr. Knott’s questions.  Apparently, I am way ahead developmentally on everything – wow!  Mummy and Daddy were not surprised…they know I’m brilliant 😉

The best part of the visit?  No shots!!  My next shots won’t be until I’m 5 – hooray!!  Mummy always opted for me to have all of my shots as early as possible and as many at a time as possible when I was little because she figured it was easier to do it when I was little and didn’t remember than wait until I was older.  So glad she did!

My next visit will be at 2.5 years then again at 3 and annually after that.

My First Visit to the Dentist!

Today I had my very first dental appointment!   It started in the waiting room where there were fun toys and even a vintage Pac-Man game table.  Then, a dental assistant took pictures (not x-rays) of my teeth with a little wand camera.  I was still a little shy and unsure of the situation so she only got 2 photos, but that was OK.  Once that was done we went into an exam room.  I started off sitting in the big chair which was neat, but when it got reclined I decided I needed to sit in Mummy’s lap.  We then did “knee to knee” with the dentist for my tooth brushing.  I sat in Mummy’s lap and I leaned back and had my head in the dentist’s lap.  I let him look at my teeth, brush them and count them!  I have 16 teeth plus one of my two-year molars is peeking through. That was it!  When we were all done I said Thank You and I got a new toothbrush and toothpaste and then I got to pick a treasure from the treasure chest…I got a green frog that jumps when you press the bum.

I go back in 6 months for another visit and will go every six months into the future.  Mummy thinks that is a lot, but apparently it is normal.  Mummy is a horrible dental phobic (not just doesn’t like the dentist, but a true phobia complete with anxiety and panic attacks galore) so Daddy will be taking me (and my little brother after his first visit).  She started to have a panic attack just being in the exam room but thankfully pulled it together so I didn’t get scared.  Mummy needs a Valium to even get into the car (not driving, of course) to go to the dentist then needs sedation for even a cleaning.  When she was about 20 her dentist dislocated her jaw and now she has TMJ (misaligned jaw that causes clicking and chronic pain) so she has a pretty good reason to fear the dentist.  Hopefully I will have nothing but good experiences.  Daddy will be taking me so Mummy’s dental issues don’t become mine too.

Some of the tips from the dentist were:

  • Brush daily, twice a day, using a tiny smear of regular (i.e. flouride) toothpaste…not the baby toothpaste.  We had been doing this anyway, per my doctor…
  • After night-time brushing…no rinsing, eating or drinking so it can stay on my teeth at night to protect them .  We will stop ‘rinsing’ after my night-time brushing…
  • For teething (my 2 year molars are coming in) systemic things (i.e. Tylenol, ibuprofen) work better than topical things that just get washed away (i.e. orajel).  I am apparently impervious to teething pain (and most other pain) so I’ll get Tylenol if I need it, but to date, teething has been a breeze for me…
  • Come back to the dentist regularly…ever 6 months.  My next appointment is September 10th…

That’s it!  I sure am growing up fast…


“Red one! Red one!! PLEASE!!!!”

Tonight we went to dinner at The Happy Sumo.  I discovered that I LOVE edamame…especially trying to squirt the beans out of their pods.  I also learned to use chop sticks to pick up tofu, dip it then eat it.  All without dropping it!!  Oddly, I did better holding the chopsticks on my own than I did using the special things that turn them into tongs.  Everyone was quite impressed!  Mummy tried to get it on video but I was done by the time she got it going.

She did, however, catch another huge moment on video.  Daddy had sushi for dinner, including some cucumber rolls, california rolls and tuna rolls.  I had a cucumber roll and it was ok.  What I really wanted though, was a “red one! red one! please, red one!”…the red one was the tuna roll.  I pleaded over and over like I’d had it before, remembered it and loved it more than cookies.  Finally, Mummy, the strict vegetarian (I am vegetarian too…) relented.  She always said that I’d be vegetarian until I made a choice.  Granted, she thought it would be a LOT later, but I was very insistent and polite about it and manners matter.  Daddy gave me the tuna roll (regular, not spicy tuna), I dipped it in soy sauce and went to town.  I loved it!  I loved it so much I kept asking for more red, more red?! Daddy had already eaten the rest, so that was all I had.

Mummy is still not sure if I’ll get to have fish again, but she figures that sushi grade tuna was probably an OK choice if I had to try something.  Certainly no pig, cow, chicken, turkey, rabbit or any other meat will cross my lips until I am much, much older, (hopefully never, but Mummy is realistic about this too) but fish is a maybe.  Only excellent quality fish though…no fish sticks or anything.  At least I have excellent taste!

Here is the video of me enjoying my first tuna roll: 

More Birthday Photos…

Daddy took these…

My 2nd Birthday!

I’m TWO!!!  I had a great birthday!!  First, I went downstairs and saw my awesome new train table – fun!

After breakfast, I chose a bagel, I got to open a few more presents from Mummy and Daddy.  By far, my favorite was my Elmo guitar – I loved it and love to play and sing the Elmo’s World song along with it.

I played with my toys for a long time.  Mummy and Daddy wanted to keep me awake until lunch so I’d have a good nap and be wide awake for my party.  Normally, on weekends, I still nap in the morning and afternoon.  What can I say, I love my sleep! One of the activities I requested to do on my birthday was spit.  Yes, you read that right, I said spit.  I got to stand at the sink, where I am allowed to spit, and spit with Daddy for at least 30 minutes.  I LOVED it!

Pretty soon after spitting I had some lunch then took a long overdue nap at noon.  I slept like a rock until 2 pm when Foo Foo came over.  She got to get me up from my nap – it’s always so fun to see Foo Foo!  Once I was dressed we went downstairs, where there were so many balloons, and I got to open more presents!!

Pretty soon, my friends started to come over for my party!  Mummy did not get as many photos as she would have liked…catching us toddlers on camera is tricky business.  We move faster than cameras can click so we mostly turn out blurry.  There are some on Daddy’s camera, but we’re having trouble getting them off right now…stay tuned for more!

I got to open even more presents!!!  I got some amazing toys and I loved all of them so much – thank you everyone!!!  After presents I decided it was time for cake.  I’d been wanting those two great lion and monkey candles all day!  Everyone gathered in the kitchen and sang Happy Birthday to me.  Then I blew out my candles – both of them – all by myself!!!

It was a great party!  I was so pooped by the time it was over that I went straight to bed.  I was a little wound up, and it was very late for me (about 6:30 pm) and I was so tired that I slept solid until 8:40 am.  Whew…getting older is exhausting!

Here are the few photos Mummy took: