Much to Mummy and Daddy’s surprise (and shock and horror) I came home from school with a new skill yesterday – Spitting!  I love it!  I love to spit on the table, I love to spit on the floor, and I especially love to get a swig of water/juice/milk and spit it out everywhere.  Since it is oh so much fun, Mummy and Daddy quickly realized that this was going to be hard to punish.  Usually they just, after a warning, take away whatever I am misbehaving with…hard to take spit away, lol!  The solution seems to be limiting where I am allowed to spit.  So, I can spit in the sink (or outside) to my heart’s desire…but nowhere else and never every on anything or anyone.  I am pretty darned pleased with this arrangement…and it works for Mummy and Daddy too.

Here is a video of me spitting in the sink…I did this for almost 30 minutes!!


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