The Accident…

…everyone is fine…

I'm a Junior Officer!

My Junior Officer Sticker!

On the way to school with Daddy (Mummy was at home working), about a minute from the house, we were stopped at a red light when the lady behind us accelerated into the back of us.  She hit us medium hard and I was securely strapped into my car seat and Daddy was wearing his as well.  Daddy checked on me first – I was ok, but startled – then called 911 to report the accident and two police cars came.  I got a junior officer sticker and got to tour the back of the police car…I was a little shy and didn’t want to check out the front seat.  Hopefully that is the last time I’ve ever in the back of a police car!  After all the paperwork for the police report and insurance (something fell off the back of Daddy’s car and the bumper is bent) Daddy called Mummy to let her know what happened.

Mummy freaked out a little.  She called my doctor and even though I seemed fine they wanted me to come in and get checked out just in case.  Especially since I don’t really respond the pain like normal kids do (just like Mummy!).  Daddy is sore but ok too.  He is getting checked by his doctor tomorrow.   Daddy brought me home before the appointment (we had about 40 minutes to kill) and showed Mummy my junior officer sticker then I had a snack and played with “my people” and the dog.  I was acting, walking, bending and playing just fine.

My doctor visit was pretty quick and uneventful.  The doctor listened to my chest and back and shined his light in my eyes.  Then he checked me over for bruises and discoloration.  I have a little scratch on the side of my neck from being pushed forward into my seatbelt and some very, very light bruises, but nothing to worry about.  Mummy and Daddy are going to watch me extra close for a few days and make sure I am not acting confused, lethargic or have any blood in my diapers.  I got a clean bill of health, plus another sticker 🙂


One Response to “The Accident…”

  1. celiaroundtown Says:

    Yikes, that’s scary! I’m so glad everyone’s ok!

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