It’s been a while since I’ve posted and thought I’d catch everyone up a bit.

I have turned into a little chatter box lately and talk pretty much all the time.  I’m getting pretty consistent/insistent with getting my points across!  I tell Mummy what I want for dinner (usually “pee pee” which is my gross way of saying “pizza”), what I want to drink, what I want to play with (generally “my people!”), and I’m very polite too.  Mummy and Daddy are working with me to say “Yes, please” instead of “ya” and “No, thank you” instead of just “no.”  I’m getting good at it too!  I also always say “Excuse me” when I burp or toot (usually after I giggle first) and even remind Daddy to say “Excuse me” after he burps too.  I am also saying “Thank you, Dada” or “Thank you, Muma” instead of just “Thank you” so that is nice.  I still have to be reminded sometimes, but all it takes now is “what do you say?” and then I remember.  Mummy’s favorite though is that now I always say “I love you, Muma” when she tells me she love me.  Very sweet!

I also have some impressive new skills.  Mummy downloaded some free iPhone apps for me during car rides, diaper changes and generally any time I need a distraction.  My favorite game is a matching one.  There are 4-6 ‘cards’ (like the game ‘memory’) and you touch them one at a time to see the animal under it.  Then , you have to remember where the animal was and find the match.  I am really good at this and pretty quickly remember where the animals are to match them!  Mummy and Daddy are so impressed that I can remember and match so well!

My other impressive new skill is around letters.  Mummy, Daddy, Foo Foo and school all work with me on the alphabet but I showed Mummy just how much I am learning over the weekend.  We were watching Sesame Street and the letter “T” came on.  I got very excited and said “T, Thatcher!” Then, in pretty rapid successions, I said “T, two!” and “T, tooth!”  These were not the T words they were saying on TV either…I came up with them all by myself – WOW!!

Over the weekend I had my final gymnastics class of the session.  It was also Daddy’s 40th birthday!  That meant I got a medal!!  I was very proud to get to stand up on the block and get it in front of everyone – yay!!  It was a fun class too!  I love climbing and jumping and swinging.  I am getting to be quite the skilled balance beam walker!  I added a new “trick” to my beam walking by dipping down to my knees then standing back up…I made that up all by myself!  I still love doing somersaults and practice those at home all the time.  I can get over all by myself now…even if I do kind of roll to the side most of the time.  It’s still fun!

After my morning nap we all went to The Olive Garden for a birthday lunch for Daddy.  He wanted the soup, salad, and bread sticks.  I got to wear my Vandy sweatshirt and my new Detroit (some sports team that Mummy dont’ know…teh hate is navy with a white “D” is that helps anyone) ball cap that is just my size.  I love having a hat that matches Daddy.  Of course, since I have good manners I took my hat off to go into the restaurant!  We were waiting for our table and Foo Foo showed up – hooray!!  I sure do love my Foo Foo.  Apparently I talk in my sleep and at school when I was sleeping I said something about Foo Foo.  Pretty soon out table was ready.  I got to sit next to Daddy and Foo Foo. I enjoyed a lot of salad, bread sticks and had my own “pee pee” (aka pizza…I’m working on learning the “za” sound).  I did great at lunch and we all had a fun birthday lunch.

On Sunday I went with Mummy and Daddy to meet Miss Laura and Shelby and Miss Celia, Elena and Mr. Eric at the Runway Grill at the little local airport for brunch.  We got to see a bunch of airplanes – so much fun!  As soon as we saw an airplane we all started immediately asking for “more airplane?”  I ate a bunch too…almost 2 whole eggs and half of a giant pancake!  While the food part was fun and I enjoyed looking out the window, the best part was after brunch when we went outside to get a closer look at the planes.  It was awesome getting so close and Miss Shelby and I were literally jumping up and down with excitement.  Miss Laura took some photos and posted about it here (Mummy forgot to bring a camera).   I could have stayed there all day but it was pretty windy and cold so we had to head home.  We’ll be back there for sure though!

That afternoon Aunt Dia came over for Christmas #4 (the final one!).  We had so much fun playing – Dia is the coolest Aunt ever!  My favorite present was a mess-free finger painting set.  The paints are clear and only show up on the special paper.  I had a blast making two big paintings.  Just like I am a dainty dipper of foods, I am also a somewhat dainty finger painter.  I use only one finger. Mummy finally took my hand and smeared it all over the paper…I went back to using just one finger.  My paintings turned out perfect!  Once again, Mummy forgot to take any photos…I blame it on my little brother who is making Mummy very tired these days.  After more playing it was dinner time.  Dia stayed and watched me shovel in two giant plates of noodles with sauce!  When I was finally done eating we played peek-a-boo for a long time and turned ‘peek-a-boo’ into ‘ta-da!’ which I though was great!!  I sure do love being the center of attention 🙂

I think that about catches us up…I’ll try to get Mummy to take more photos again soon.


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