I’m Back!

My charming self, that is 🙂  Mummy and Daddy are VERY happy that charming Thatcher has replaced tantrum Thatcher over the weekend.  I was great and even took 2 naps both Saturday and Sunday!  I slept through the night and had no big tantrums.  A few little fussies here and there but nothing past normal.  So, what changed?  We’ll never know for sure, but here are a few things that it could be/could have contributed:

  1. MY SLEEP ENVIRONMENT:  Mummy and Daddy removed all of the toys from my room (they only went in there recently).  I think I got confused about what my room was for – sleep or play??  I would throw fits going to bed because I wanted to play since I could see all of my toys right there (especially the little people “My people! My people!”).  I would also throw fits getting up because I didn’t want to get a diaper change and into clothes because, again, “I play?! I play!”  The change was pretty immediate once the toys went back downstairs. …now Daddy, it’s time to say “you were right!” to Mummy 😉  My room is now back to what it was: a place to sleep, and only sleep.  The only ‘distractions’ in there are books for story time and my stuffed animals.  Dark + white noise + routine – distractions = happy sleeping Thatcher!
  2. SLEEP:  I got enough sleep!!  I am apparently a complete and total mess without enough sleep.  All weekend I took both a morning and afternoon nap and still went to bed between 5 and 6 pm.  I also do better with a bedtime closer to 5 than 6.  6 is really my upper limit.  Getting good naps plus good night-time sleep cleared my night and early waking issues right up!  It also turned me back into my charming self 🙂
  3. DISTRACTION & HELPING:Lots and lots of distraction and letting me help…plus letting me take the lead a little on ‘toddler time.’  Things make take longer, but they happen nicer this way.  For example, I was getting very close to full-blown fit at bedtime and I wanted to play with my telephone on wheels instead of getting ready for bed.  Mummy used the telephone to distract me and made a game out of showing the telephone how to go pee pee on the potty (then the phone got a turn) and how to brush my teeth (then the phone got a brushing) then finally getting jammies on (the phone got a onsie on).  It took a little longer but the result was that I was happy as a clam ‘showing’ my phone how I got ready for bed 🙂  Distraction also worked really well on Sunday, laundry day, when I got to bring some of my own laundry downstairs by myself to help Mummy and Daddy (I was refusing to go downstairs for breakfast).  I helped put things in piles too.  I am becoming very helpful lately!  Win-win!
  4. DECISION MAKING & CHOICES:  I am certainly asserting my independence these days!  I am very clear on what I want (the YELLOW one!) and what I don’t want (the BLUE one!) and I do so much better when I can make (appropriate) choices by myself.  Mummy always gives me two choices and that pretty much works for me.  It used to be “Thatcher, do you want to get your coat on now?” and I’d just say “No” and make it as difficult as possible.  Now, Mummy wisely asks me “Thatcher, do you want to wear your blue coat or your black coat” (while holding them up).  I chose and happily put it on (always the blue one if you were wondering!).  Same thing with snacks…as I’m asking for a cookie, Mummy asks if I want (while holding them both out to me) “carrots or apples?”  Carrots, please! “Pee Pee in the potty first or tooth brushing first?”  and so on and so forth…  As long as I can make my own decision, I seem pretty pleased with everything 🙂

I am certain I’ll test Mummy and Daddy again, but for now, things are back to smooth sailing!

Here are some videos Daddy took of me at the park this weekend.  We went for a long walk to the park while Mummy stayed home with Nicholas.  He got a bad boo boo, in the form of a torn ACL, while scrambling and slipping on the kitchen floor going after a noodle I dropped (oops!!!).  More on that later…

Here I am sliding:

Here i am swinging:


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