Hibachi Dinner with Pop and Foo Foo!

I sure do have some funny named grandparents – I’ve got a Foo Foo a Pop and a Mimi!  No plain old grandma and grandpas for me!

I’ve been having a blast having with Pop at the house.  When he went with Daddy to run an errand yesterday, as soon as they left I signed as said “more Pop? more Pop?” over and over.  I’m sure going to miss him when he has to go back to Atlanta!

Last night we went to Benihana for dinner.  We usually go to Mt. Fuji, but Mummy and Foo Foo wanted the Benihana mustard sauce.  It was the last time we go to Benihana…teh mustand sauce is not what it used to be, the chef messed up all the vegetarian orders (there were two others at the table too) and he very clearly did not want to be there which made it much less fun.  Also, you get a lot more veggies at Mt. Fuji.

We still had fun though!  I loved when I got a Benihana hat…here are a few photo:


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