I’m Hilarious!

A short list of some things I’ve said/done recently that have made Mummy and Daddy laugh:

  • Threw a total hissy fit in Target because I couldn’t have…..a Hello Kitty Toaster.  The fit was stopped in its tracks by…a pretty girl in line next to me.
  • When asking for a toothbrush (I LOVE them!!) by saying “Please Dada? Please Dada? Please Dada? Please Dada?” over and over didn’t work (I’d already brushed about a dozen times), I added, with great emphasis “I SAAAAID, Please Dada!”  It worked
  • Several tantrums recently were only stopped when Mummy gave me a Wisp disposable toothbrush…again, I sure do love a toothbrush!
  • When I dove head first off the couch to grab a toy that fell, Foo Foo grabbed me by the legs and I yelled back up at her “I’m FINE! I’m FINE!”
  • I want to ride in all of the toy cars/trucks/planes/trains I have.  At Miss Addy’ house I tried to sit in and ride her toy tractor.  I used both thumbs and fingers to “steer” the steering wheel that was about the size of a quarter.
  • When I don’t want to do something/go somewhere I try to hide…this involves either laying flat and face down where ever I happen to be, or standing there and closing my eyes.  I can’t see you…you can’t see me!
  • My insistence, at random intervals, that I go to bed with random objects I enjoy…like the temporal thermometer which I continued to cuddle until Mummy took it out when I was sleeping.

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