Christmas with Foo Foo

I thought Christmas was “all done” after Paris, but I was wrong – I got a second Christmas with Foo Foo when we got home!  I was SOOOO happy to see Foo Foo and I gave her lots of hugs.  I missed my Foo Foo!  In Paris, there was one locked closet in the apartment and I though Foo Foo was in there.  Mummy and Daddy explained, several times, that they did not bring Foo Foo to France and lock her in a closet.  Nevermind that, I would always call for Foo Foo and go to that locked closet.

I got some fun new things from Foo Foo and a few more from Mummy and Daddy too.  From Foo Foo I got a cool octopus game…you put balls in the top then try to find them under the colored feet.  I also got an awesome floor roller that changes colors and a fire boat for the tub.  I love them both lots!  I even raced with Foo Foo with the color roller and the roller I got in Paris.  Each time, I’d hold up one finger and say “One more time?” and we’d race again!

The other funny thing I said came later, before bed.  We were playing on the couch – Mummy, Daddy and Foo Foo were sitting and I was showing off my jumping skills.  I was near Foo Foo and something fell to the floor.  I dove off to get it and Foo Foo grabbed my ankle so I wouldn’t fall and I shouted back up “I’m FINE! I’m FINE!”  I really am a pretty tough kid

Here are a few photos from my second Christmas (rumor has it I have one more Christmas to go…).  The videos will be up later tonight.


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