Paris Photos…and trip summary

Here is the recap of all of the Paris posts…mostly so I can find things later.  Photos and a few videos have finally been uploaded back in CO since the internet in the Paris apartment was terrible!  They are all on their applicable post pages and most posts have photos (lots and lots of photos!).  Sorry about the super long posts.  (Note from Mummy:  This blog is really  for Thatcher when he grows up so can read about his adventures…especially until he is old enough to remember for himself.  I understand most of this is completely boring to all but a few of you.)

France – Day 1…Getting There

France – Day 2…Sleeping, Shopping and Fussing

France – Night of Day 2…sleep disasters of epic proportions

France – Day 3…early to rise

Day 3 Video…Playing in the park

Day 4 – The Louvre & a Carousel

Day 5 – Bastille Market, the Park and a Poo Poo

Day 5 – A Date for Mummy and Daddy!!

Day 6 – A New Stroller & Montmartre

Day 7 – Christmas Eve

Day 8 – Joyeux Noel!

Day 9 – A Big, Red Bus, the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees

Day 10 – The day we should have stayed in (a.k.a. Versailles on a freezing, foggy, napless day)

Day 11 – Can we go now?

Day 12 – Last full day in Paris…

Day 13 – The long trip home

Toddler Travel Tips & Paris Tidbits


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