Day 12 – Last full day in Paris…

I had a relatively good morning…Mummy and Daddy were happy about that!  After playing a little and getting dressed we headed out to what we thought was out last breakfast at our favorite little cafe on the corner.  Then I pitched a fit about not holding hands (near busy traffic) and refused to be held.  Mummy and Daddy didn’t feel up to rolling the toddler tantrum dice by going into the restaurant so we went next door, I got in my stroller and Mummy bought us all croissant and pain aux noisette (croissant filled with nutella, or something close and equally delicious!).  We ate as we strolled and I was happy with taking my breakfast to go.

Cousin Anne recommended a neat park nearby since we told her we were going to stick close to home for the last day.  The park was awesome!!!  There was plenty of room for me to run around an even some playground equipment.  The only ick part was that some moron had broken a glass bottle on the slide so that was a no go.  I was all bundled in my reversible (i.e. 2 layers) shirt, sweater, sweatpants, blue jacket (I refuse to wear another!), scarf, hat with ear flaps plus my hood, and mittens held on by white socks up my arms.  I am quite the fashion plate!  I ran all over the grass that was not to be walked on (Mummy was so tired she didn’t care) and even got to walk inside of some dry fountains.  That was pretty cool!

I ran and ran some more until finally I went to Mummy and said and signed “eat? eat?” then said “I sit” and plopped down right there in the damp dirt of the path.  Finally, I wore myself out!!!  Daddy picked me up, brushed me off and sat me in my stroller.  I was happy to be there and polished off 3/4 of my pain aux noisette.  We strolled while I ate and we found a chocolate shop to buy a few boxes for gifts.  Chocolate is not cheap here!!!  We strolled some more, on the lookout for a new diaper bag for Mummy since the zipper broke on the cheap one she brought here.  Mummy and Daddy were not big fans of the though of bringing a broken and gaping bag back home on an airplane and through crowded airports.  Mummy saw one she loved but did not want to pay what is cost.  In the end she realized that she’s go through a few more cheap ones she didn’t really love and would end up spending more or the same on those and still end up getting the ones she loved in the end.  So really, buying the nice bag was a wise investment and saved money in the long run!  Her new bag is pretty awesome and will easily be used as a regular purse after babies too.  After looking online, we actually got a pretty good deal buying it here!!

When we got back we played for a little bit then I got really wound up.  So wound up that I decided it would be great fun to wind up and head butt Mummy, on the side of her head, as hard as I could.  It turns out my head is made of stone so it didn’t phase me, i even laughed a little, but it made Mummy cry because it hurt her so much.  Mummy was pretty upset so Daddy had to put me down for my nap.  I think Mummy is going to make Daddy sit next to me on the plane tomorrow.  She’s worn out and hormonal and ready to be home and rest.  Plus, her finger still hurts really, really bad….now her head hurts too.

After my nap we just played in the apartment.  Mummy and Daddy were not about to go through the paces of taking me out again.  In the afternoon Anne came to see us again – yay!!  I was having a snack but still took time and smiled, flirted and even took some photos of her all by myself!  After being bribed by some M&Ms, which I gallantly shared with Miss Anne (and Inever share M&Ms!!), Mummy got my socks, shoes and coat on so we could go outside and take some photos.  I wanted to hold Anne’s hand on the way out 🙂  It was already getting dark and we never made it past the public bikes right out front, but we had fun anyway.  Anne and I counted all of the bikes then I got to sit on some, ring the bells and even crawl under them.  We took some photos, but not as many as everyone would have liked.  We tried to talk a little walk, but it was 5 pm (bedtime) and I was starting to meltdown so we went back inside.

After a quickie dinner and bubble bath, it was bedtime!  Mummy and Daddy were very relieved and I fell right to sleep so I was ready for it.  We are all packed up and ready for the cab at 8am…Au Revoir, Paris!

Here I am counting bikes with my great-cousin Anne (she’s pretty awesome!!):

Here I am crawling under the public bikes:


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