Day 11 – Can we go now?

I am officially done with traveling and would like to be home now.  I want my routine, my dog, my bed and my toys.  In that order.  Mostly, I want my routine back.  I am getting cranky without it and while I had only had 3 meltdowns (lasting <5-10 minutes each) until yesterday, I am now having them daily.  I am making this trip less fun for Mummy and Daddy now…  I am not sure what it means but they keep repeating “he’s only 21 months, he’s only 21 months, he’s doing great for only 21 months, he’s doing great for only 21 months…”  Nobody is looking forward to the long trip home…but we are all looking forward to actually being there.

This morning was actually good until we left the house.  I had a big bowl of Cheerios for breakfast.  I can eat them with a spoon all by myself and I love to drink the milk right from the bowl.  I also, in honor of my dog Nicholas, ate some Cheerios face down directly from the bowl.  I though that was hilarious and Mummy and Daddy were too tired to really care.

After breakfast I had fun taking a whole bunch of photos with Mummy’s camera!  Turns out, I can take a decent photo…well, sometimes.  Toward the end of my photo taking spree, I started to figure out to point at what I wanted to capture.  Mummy will post my first “photo album” later for everyone to see: My World.  I think I might like my own camera for my birthday!

After taking photos I tried to take a nap.  It did not go so well.  I never actually fell asleep despite being really tired.  Mummy and Daddy ended up getting me up and we all went to get some lunch since we really needed to get out.  While it is not as foggy as yesterday it is still freezing cold.  I guess we were lucky to have so much “warmer” weather up until yesterday.  We brought the stroller, but I walked on the way out.

Before stopping for lunch we stopped in the kids shoe store down the street.  My converse sneakers are getting pretty beat up and they are currently the only shoes that fit me.  Since Mummy remembers so vividly the shoes she got from Paris when she was seven (a robin egg blue leather pair with a leather bow and a black leather pair with thin red leather stripes (about .5 in. apart) and a red leather bow…those blue shoes are to this day one of the favorite pair she has ever owned) she decided I should get shoes from France too.  Granted little boy shoes are not as cute as girl shoes, but that’s ok.  There are a lot of toddler shoes with laces here…that seemed like a lot of trouble to Mummy.  I got a practical, but very stylish pair of brown suede ankle shoes with a velcro strap.  It seems that there are more traditional ankle shoe/boots here than in the US.  The style of the bronzed baby shoes from Mummy’s parent’s generation.  The soles are  sturdy but flexible and the way they are styled make them very easy to get on and off.  I am a size 24!  The nice lady who measured my feet and got my shoes also gave me a yellow balloon on a blue string.  I did not want to leave the store!

Leave we did though, much to my dismay.  It was time for lunch.  I kept on walking and Mummy pushed my stroller.  We went across to the same place we had lunch on our very first day.  Mummy went in first to get situated and get the stroller put up. She smashed her right pointer finger in the stroller while collapsing it in a rush and is pretty sure she broke it (hairline break, not a full one).  It is just the very tip so not really much can be done for it.  Her nail is bruised and her whole finger is swollen and she can’t bend it all the way.  It still hurts her as much after 7 hours as it did when it happened…and Mummy has a very high tolerance for pain so that’s saying something.  Ouch!!  She really should pay more attention…I do not make this easy though.

I started fussing as soon as I got in the restaurant.  I did not want to sit in my cloth chair that straps to the big chair.  I did anyway.  I wanted all the toys in the corner, but once I had them did not want them anymore.  Really, I just wanted to run around.  Once again, a wisp toothbrush to the rescue!  I do love brushing with those…Mummy and Daddy think it is stilly but appreciate good oral hygiene and a quite toddler in a restaurant.  My other distraction was two pouches of fuit…I am just about living on those now.  Yum!!  I wanted more, but Mummy only packed two since we were only going out for lunch.

I had a few bites of Mummy omelette and a piece of bread but my favorite was the milk foam on Daddy’s cafe creme.  No coffee, just the milk part.  The second Mummy and Daddy finished Daddy whisked me outside since i was fussing again and Mummy paid and gathered the stroller and out things and met us ont he street.  We headed a few stores over to the natural food stores that has the fruit pouches I like and bought 2 more boxes plus a box of cereal bars.  I had half a cereal bar and 3 more pouches of fruit!  I was exhausted and happy to be snuggled back in my stroller.

Mummy thought about just strolling me around so I could nap in the stroller since I sleep so well in there, but Daddy had the better idea to just go home and get me a proper nap so we did.  We stopped on the way home to get some presents for Foo Foo and Dia though – they are awesome and I hope they like them since I helped pick them out (by way of being in the store and not fussing).  Now all we have to get are chocolates and we are ready to pack and come home.

Even after a 2-2.5 hour nap, I was still Mr. Crankypants!  I wanted to go play outside, but did not want to put shoes or a coat on.  Mummy let me run in the hall on our floor for a few minutes but made me come back in because I wanted to knock on everyone’s doors and that is apparently, not ok.  I screamed and cried like someone was hurting me and continued my fit once back inside.  Mummy asked if I wanted to go walk outside and I nodded yes (between heaving sobs).  So began the coat and shoe fiasco.  Mummy had to hold me while Daddy tried to get my shoes on.  They were finally on and I was not happy about it.  Then Daddy held me while Mummy got my coat on and zipped it up.  I was displeased…and made sure everyone in about a thousand mile radium know it.  Mummy opened the door and said we could go out now.  I refused and kept tugging on my coat trying to get it off.  Finally, they relented and removed my coat and shoes.  I was still sobbing…

Elmo and friends to the rescue!!!  Mummy was very smart to get and bring the DVD.  I quite happily sat in her lap and watched almost the whole DVD. I also ate 1/2 a PB&J (made with Jiff from the American store that cost 8 Euro!!), some apple and some milk.  It was around 4:30 so close enough to dinner to mostly be dinner.  In the Elmo video I saw Ernie in a bubble bath with his ducky and decided I wanted one too.  After a little bit of playing I got my wish – yay!  I got a nice, warm bubble bath with my rubber ducky, just like Ernie!  Mummy also fed me the last of my ravioli in the tub (again, pretty genius for the clean up factor!) so I wouldn’t go to bed hungry.  All was finally well in my world.  Then, as if to emphasize that I had reached my travel time tolerance, I pooped in the tub….

I went to bed right after the ‘tub incident of Paris’ and cousin Anne is coming to babysit later so Mummy and Daddy can go out.  I have sufficiently frazzled them into really needing to get out so the timing was perfect.  Mummy noted that if she wasn’t pregnant she’d surely have her fill of wine tonight at dinner.  As it stands, a pre-dinner pain au chocolate will have to do.

The red on my face in the tub is pasta sauce (dinner in the tub!)…


2 Responses to “Day 11 – Can we go now?”

  1. laurapayette Says:

    Poor Thatcher and Mommy and Daddy. It will be so good to be home, although I have to say, I laughed pretty hard at “the great tub incident of 2011” — not the incident itself, but the way you phrased it.

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