Day 10 – The day we should have stayed in (a.k.a. Versailles on a freezing, foggy, napless day)

This morning we had a big, America breakfast of eggs and toast…me and Mummy needed some protein!  I ate breakfast and spent most of the morning in just my French diaper.  Apparently I was thinking i was hot stuff in my bunny diaper, lol.  I was pretty hungry for breakfast and ate 3 whole scrambled eggs and most of my toast.  I still wanted loads of butter and jam on my toast though – French breakfasts are still supreme in my opinion.  No hot chocolate or juice but maybe we’ll get crepes later (we did!)!  Mummy and Daddy kept asking me if I wanted to get on my coat and shoes and go to the park, but I kept saying “no, no” and kept on playing.  I guess I needed some “in” time.  I played right up until I started snuggling into a chair onto which I’d piled everything from my bed (blanket, pillow, lovie, bunny rabbit and Walter the tooting dog) and stuck my thumb in my mouth…tbe universal signal for nap time!

With a full belly and finally some clothes on, I took a terrible nap that lasted less than an hour.  I probably only slept for 20 minute total.  Granted I slept 15 hours last night, but still, I need more nap time than that.  Perhaps Mummy and Daddy should have anticipated a meltdown and moved our trip to Versailles to tomorrow.  That would have been the smart thing to do.  In any case, I got all bundled up and in my stroller and off we went.  Speaking of bundling up, I flat-out refuse to wear mittens or tuck my bare hands into the sleeping bag like blanket I get zipped into.  This confused Mummy because my hands get so cold!  Mummy found a solution I couldn’t get around though…she puts socks on my hands that are pulled up and over my jacket all the way over my elbows.  I try to tug them off but since they are up so high it’s hard and I give up and leave them on.  They look funny but at least my hands aren’t popsicles.  En route to the Metro we stopped for sandwiches for the train plus nutella crepes.  Mummy had a craving (or, they just looked good from yesterday when we walked by them).  I sure did enjoy the nutella crepe…but, who wouldn’t?!

We had to take the RER C line to Versailles which is like a train to the suburbs.  Sort of part of the Metro, but you need a special ticket because it goes outside of the zone Pairs is in.  It was cool because it was a ‘real’ train with seats and big windows and it went above ground for a bunch of the way.  We shared seats with a nice Indian man who did his PhD in Wisconsin (in Math!) and was working in Paris on a 1 year contract.  I, of course, had to get out of my stroller and sit on a real seat.  For a while I did great and ate a big bunch of Mummy’s cheese and tomato sandwich (I sure have had a lot of cheese sandwiches here!!!).  Then, I got antsy and wanted to move around.  Luckily the train was pretty empty so Mummy and I walked to another bank of seats a few rows ahead and I happily alternated sitting on one of 10 seats in the row.  Pretty soon we were at the end of the line (literally) and it was time to get off.

We headed across the street to get tickets to Versailles and proceeded to walk toward it.  It was not too far and would have taken less time if Mummy was not pregnant (she’s such a slow poke!!).  By the time we made it through the gate, I had fallen asleep.  The lines to get inside were CRAZY long and wound all over so while I napped Mummy and Daddy walked around the gardens a bit.  There was a TON of fog and you could hardly see the building.  It was also freezing, bitterly cold.  Not the best day for this particular outing.  It was such a gorgeous day yesterday…nice and sunny and Mummy didn’t even need a coat.

Silly Mummy tried to take me into a gift shop and the change in noise and bumpiness woke me right up. Now I was awake and not at all happy about it.  I started wailing and insisted on being picked up.  Could Daddy hold me?  Nooooo.  Could I walk?  Nooooo.  Would I ride in my stroller?  Nooooo.  Could Mummy carry me?  YES!!  Could ONLY Mummy carry me, ALL the way back to the train station?  YES!!!  Did I throw a screaming, wailing, tear filled fit every time Mummy tried to pass me off to Daddy for a few minutes because I am a very big boy and she is pregnant and was having braxton-hicks and bad round ligament pain from my heft…YOU BET!

We stopped briefly in a really bad hotel restaurant to warm up and give Mummy a break.  The service was terrible and the food was even worse.  I didn’t want to sit still and was very antsy.  The highlight, for me, was chewing on a wisp disposable toothbrush from Mummy’s bag and eating 2 sugar cubes.  What great parents I have, LOL.  To get me back in the stroller I was bribed with my new favorite treat – popcorn!  It was 3 days old and stale (Mummy brought it for bird feeding), but I did not care.  I LOVE popcorn!

We finally got back to the train and luckily the train was packed enough going back to Paris that we had to stay at the end, standing up, which meant I was not even tempted to pitch a fit until I could sit in a real seat like Mummy and Daddy.  I munched my old, stale popcorn most of train ride home.  At long last, we arrived back at our stop.  I do love being carried in my stroller up and down all the Metro stairs…I laugh at Mummy and Daddy every time 🙂  We walked home as fast as big, round Mummy could go and I enjoyed when we followed two doggies for a while.  When turned in another direction I cried “more dog, more dog.”  Yeah, I was soooo tired.

By the time we got home it was 5 pm and I was done.  Mummy tried to feed me some ravioli for dinner but I wanted none of it.  I was slap happy from being so exhausted and just ran around the apartment giggling and trying on big shoes.  Then I ran into the bedroom, grabbed my lovie, tossed it on my head, thumb in mouth and ran back out.  Yup, bedtime.  I still had not eaten and was filthy and really needed a bath so Mummy ran me a big, warm, bubble bath.

Mummy had the bright idea to try to feed me dinner while I was in the tub.  Brilliant!!  I ate two plates of ravioli and some vegetable risotto.  The big bonus?  Easy clean up since I’m already in the tub!!  After my dinner in the tub I got into my jammies and was sound asleep within a few minutes.  I sure was exhausted (so are Mummy and Daddy!!!!!).


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