Day 9 – A Big, Red Bus, the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees

We had a big, long day today!  We started the day around 9 am and walked up to the corner café for breakfast.  I got to sit in the regular chair all by myself…as I refused the thing that straps me into a chair.  I sat right by the window so I could watch all of the busses and people go by.  Luckily, there is a bus stop right in front of the café so I got to see a LOT of busses go by!  I ate like a champ again and enjoyed most of my juice and some of my hot chocolate.  I like to “drink” my hot chocolate like soup (because it is hot??) with the little spoon it comes with.  The spoon is just my size.

note from Mummy:  This morning, on the way out the door to breakfast, Thatcher INSISTED that he wear his blue coat (he has decided that he will wear no other!), scarf and MY sunglasses.  He was quite the looker…an old French woman actually stopped to chat with him and reminded him that little boys don’t wear women’s sunglasses, lol. 

After breakfast we took a little stroll up and down the main street.  I did never well holding hands and staying near Mummy and Daddy.  The big road has nice, wide sidewalks.  For part of the walk I got to hold Mummy AND Daddy’s hand and do a bunch of “1, 2, 3, swings!” since there was some puddles and other things they did not want me walking through.  We should have turned around a little sooner because I got very tired and cranky at the end.  I took a nap as soon as we got home.

After a mediocre nap, I hoped up in my stroller and we headed out to ride on the big, red bus – I was very excited!!!  We walked over the Notre Dame to catch the bus.  I got my very own seat right by the window and Mummy used her scarf tied around the seat and me as a makeshift seatbelt so I wouldn’t slide forward.  Not super effective for real, but it was better than nothing.  I LOVED the bus (until I was tired and hungry, anyway).  In the beginning, every time the bus stopped at a light I would frantically sign and say “more!! more!!”   We drove by the all sorts of cool things but mostly I loved watching the motorbikes and cars zoom by so close to the bus.  At the longish stop at the Arch de Triomphe, Mummy took me up to the open air top to look around.  That was pretty cool!

Unfortunately, that was about the time I was getting too tired to ride the bus anymore and started telling Mummy “all done, all done.”  It was still 2 more stops until the Eiffel Tower and I had a fit for  most of that time.  I finally stopped wailing almost at the end and put my head on Mummy’s shoulder – I was so very tired.  When we got off I happily got back in my stroller and we headed over to the Eiffel Tower…after a stop at one of the surprisingly clean public toilet pods on the street.  Since I cried last time Mummy went in alone, I got to go in with her.  I was fascinated!

We strolled over to the Eiffel Tower and past some carousels…I cried for a few minutes, but got over it quickly since I was so tired.  Mummy and Daddy knew better than to take me out, let me ride then try to get my back into my stroller without an epic tantrum.  Pretty soon, I was fast asleep and Mummy reclined me to I could sleep better.  So far, I have taken a nap every single afternoon I’ve been in my new stroller – hooray!!

While I was sleeping, Mummy and Daddy walked all the way over to the Champs Elysees and to the metro that is on the same line out stop is on.  They had stopped to get some pain au chocolate and got me a little one for when I woke up to have as a snack before dinner.  I finally woke up a full hour later, just in time to ride the train home!  I LOVED my little pain au chocolate and enjoyed the walk home, with a few stops to get some dinner.

I scarfed down some tofu ravioli with sauce from a jar at the health food store as well as some falafel.  I was hungry and Mummy was happy to get some protein into me…and in her!  After getting changed, going pee pee on the potty (my diaper was dry…I held it until I had a potty – wow!!!) and brushing my teeth, we read stories and sang songs before bed.  What a fun and exhausting day!


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