Day 8 – Joyeux Noel!

I instinctively knew it was Christmas this morning and was up at 7:30 am this morning…60-90 minutes earlier than normal!  When I went into the living room there was out little tree on the floor surrounded by presents!  Well, only 5 presents, but Mummy and Daddy said there was more at home when we get home.  I got 2 cars, 2 books, and an awesome microphone with lights, buttons to push and French songs – I love them all!!  After I was done unwrapping gifts, I asked for “More? More?”  Unwrapping presents is FUN!! After playing with my new things for a while we had a traditional French breakfast in the apartment.

Since I woke up so early I was back down for a nap by 9 am, when I usually wake up.  Mummy and Daddy were tired too and we all took a nice, long 3 hour nap.    We ended up just hanging around the apartment all day and I got a whole day in my jammies!!  The only time they came off was when I asked to go pee pee…it is the first time I’ve asked to go to the potty and actually had to go.  I’m making great strides in potty training here in Paris!  Who knew?!

Mummy made some yummy ravioli for dinner and I was actually hungry enough to eat everything on my plate.  We’ve been doing a lot of grazing here and I have not been that hungry come dinner time.  The best part of dinner was desert though.  Every time we go to the bakery down the street, which is daily, I always point and ask “please? Please?” for one of the yule logs (I think that is what they are) with yummy looking frosting and Santa (Pere Noel) sticking in them.  I ate a whole piece but mostly had fun sticking Pere Noel into the very rich frosting and sucking the chocolate off – yum!!  I was COVERED in chocolate and loving every second!!

After dinner and before bed we got to talk to Foo Foo and Pop!  I was pretty wound up from being so tired and was very literally bouncing off the walls and on the bed.  I said “Hi” and “Au Revoir” but mostly just wanted to press all the buttons on the phone.  A few minutes after getting off the phone I was sound asleep.  Tomorrow, we’re going on a big, red bus to see the city some more!


A little post-present opening playing:


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