Day 7 – Christmas Eve

We all got lots of sleep last night – yay!  When we finally all woke up around 9 am we played for a little bit then walked down to the corner for breakfast.  Mummy was supposed to rest today but apparently, Daddy is an enabler.  While I had said I was not hungry, I had an entire croissant, just about my whole piece of baguette (a little one cut in half-length wise), all of my juice and half of my hot chocolate!  I guess I was hungry after all.  We got home just in time for a nap.

After almost 2 hours of chit chatting then being silent then chit chatting, then being silent, Mummy and Daddy finally got me up from my ‘nap’ since it was clear I wasn’t really taking one.  We played for a few minute then bundled up and headed out.  We got to ride the Metro again – fun!!  I love people and train watching…I ask to do it all the time!

We were on the train for a lot of stops but finally got off and went to a café for lunch.  They actually had a high chair!!!  I fought and fought and Mummy and Daddy finally got me into it but I kept trying to climb out and asking to sit in a real chair. Apparently, Paris has spoiled me for highchairs…good thing I am actually tall enough for a regular chair!!  Another nice thing about this café is that they brought me some little markers and some paper to color with.  I did pretty well not getting marker all over me.  Though I did, with great focus and intention, color my thumb nail purple.  Not my thumb, just the nail…pretty funny!

Mummy got mushroom soup and cheese ravioli for us to share.  I had some of the ravioli but mostly I ate all of Mummy’s mushroom soup…..which she said was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted.  I am too little to feel bad about eating it all.  I used a little coffee/tea-spoon to eat the soup, until I got near then end then I just drank it.  I also discovered that I love dropping bits of bread (or ravioli…) into soup and eating it like that – yum!!

After lunch I pitched a great fit about getting back in the stroller.  According to Mummy…C’est la vie.  Across from the café you could see the Eiffel Tower pretty close…walking distance for sure.  We crossed the Seine to look at the boats then crossed back to get to the boat tour we were going on.  Every time a boat passed I wanted “more boat? More boat?”  We were just in time (13 min. to go) for the next boat tour.  I got to munch on some popcorn while we were waiting for the boat to get going.  I was already very tired (hence my fit getting back in the stroller) and fell asleep on the boat about 20-25 minutes into the trip.  I really needed the sleep!

I stayed asleep until the very end so got about a 45 minute nap in the stroller.  When I woke up Mummy asked if I had a good nap and I nodded yes and smiled.  Again, the new stroller paid for itself!  It was about 5 pm by the time the boat tour was over so we headed home on the train.  I was still groggy and just watched the trains and people.  We stopped at a market and a bakery for a few Christmas goodies and things for dinner tomorrow.  According to Mummy and Daddy, Santa comes tonight and leaves me presents!  I don’t really understand what that means but I got to wear my Santa jammies to bed.



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