Day 6 – A New Stroller & Montmartre

We all woke up at 8:30 am without an alarm this morning.  Mummy and Daddy slept better so we were all actually awake in the morning – yay!!  This is why Mummy made this a 2 week trip and ont a 1 week trip…adjusting to the time takes, well, time.  I was happy as a clam this morning and walked all the way tot he cafe for breakfast all by myself!  Of course I help Mummy and/or Daddy’s hand the whole time for safety.  I really like walking…but I also like stopping to jump or dropping all my weight so Mummy and Daddy will do “1, 2, 3 swing!” with me.  I devoured almost a whole croissant, most of my juice and some  chocolate for breakfast.  We found a little cafe that actually has a few kid/baby toys I can play with at the table.  I’m pretty sure they’re filthy, but it keeps me entertained and is probably good for my immune system.

After breakfast, I got to ride on Mummy’s shoulders (awesome fun!!) to the baby store (Nataly’s).  My umbrella stroller has been really hurting Mummy and Daddy’s shoulders to push it because it is so low and they are so tall.  Mummy especially has some very bad knots in her shoulders from hunching over to push it.  Since we now know that we’ll never use the umbrella stroller again (it was very, very cheap…<$20) we decided to buy a new stroller!  Mummy can use it for the baby when the little one arrives too (with either a bucket or carrycot) and we’re going to be selling another travel system back home.  I got the Britax B-MOBILE and it’s awesome (and was the cheapest in the store)!!  It is so comfy and has the 5 point harness which means I can no longer stick my fingers in the wheels like I could with the umbrella stroller (another big issue with that one…).  My sleeping bag thing and rain cover all work with the new stroller.  It also has a shopping basket under it and a convenient velcro pocket up near Mummy (on the back side of the canopy) so we don’t have to carry a separate diaper bag anymore – yay!!  It’s a little heavier than the umbrella but folds quickly, easily and very flat.

After a nap and a few bits of bread I got all bundled up and into my new ride and we all headed to The Metro (“choo choo”) to go see Montmartre.  By the way, every time we got my a Metro station (stairs in the sidewalk) I say “choo choo! please? please?” because I want another train ride.  I loved every second of the ride.  We had to change trains but it was all very easy.  I am much more comfy in my new stroller.  We got off the train and I got pushed up a very, very  steep hill to the top.  Right outside of Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart church) I got my portrait done by one of the street artists!!  It was only a quick one because, well, I can’t sit still forever and it was pretty cold up there.  I did get to stay in my stroller though.  After my portrait I was pretty hungry and I scarfed down a bunch of the cheese sandwich Mummy bought on our way to the Metro.

After a little more walking around we found a great, old carousel and of course I had to get out and ride it!  Even though all the carousels in Paris are supposed to be free this week, this one was 3 Eruo…probably because it was a tourist trap.  That’s ok, it was worth it.  There were only a few kids on there so I got a change to sit on just about every animal…all during the same ride.  Mummy just kept moving me at request.  Of course I got upset when I had to get back in my stroller, but not for too long.

We got dinner at a little cafe at the top of the hill.  I wasn’t very hungry but ate enough to be “all done.”  It was about 5 pm by the time dinner was over and I was exhausted.  Pretty soon, I fell sound asleep (with chocolate all over my face!) in my new stroller…told you it was comfy!!  Mummy was able to recline me so I was even more snug in there.  (According to Mummy and Daddy the new stroller paid for itself today.  We never could have tackled the cobblestones of Montmartre with the umbrella stroller and I never would have fallen asleep in it either!)   I also had the rain cover on to keep the wind and some of the cold off me.  I slept all the way home…13 Metro stops, plus a train change!!  I only woke up just a little when we got above ground again and there were a lot of lights.  When we got home, I got into my jammies, had some water and was sound asleep within a few minutes.

Tomorrow, I will be doing some exploring with bust Daddy.  Mummy pulled a muscle or something (maybe round ligament pain?) from the hills and is laying down for probably a day to recover just to be on the safe side.  She had a hard time walking home 😦  She brought the doppler, just in case, and checked on the baby when we got home and the baby has a strong heartbeat and was kicking up a storm so everything is fine.  She just over did it a little too much.


p.s. Daddy taught me to answer “Yes, Mummy” when I am asked “What does Thatcher say?”  lol  Though to counteract that sweetness, I’ve decided that whenever Mummy or Daddy tells me “No!” what is really means is “run into the bathroom as fast as you can and flush the toilet as many times as you can before Mummy or Daddy makes it in to stop you!!”


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