Day 5 – Bastille Market, the Park and a Poo Poo

Though neither Mummy nor Daddy slept much last night (Mummy’s insomnia is back) I slept great!!  I slept from 5:15 pm until about 9 am!  I got to wear my new French sweater today.  After a little milk and some banana to tide me over we went out for breakfast at a little cafe near our apartment.  We had a traditional petite dejeuner (breakfast) of hot beverage (cafe creme for Daddy, tea for Mummy and hot chocolate for me), croissant and bread with butter and jam and orange juice.  I immediately grabbed my baguette and started happily munching away…always asking for more butter.  Some bites were just sucking the butter off, but I did get a fair amount of bread, juice and chocolate in me too.  Yum!

After breakfast, we walked up to the Bastille market on cousin Anne’s recommendation.  It wasn’t to far, but we had to walk slow because Mummy walked a little too much yesterday (ahem, 6.5 hrs to be exact) and the baby was not happy with that.  By the way, I now kiss Mummy’s belly every day 🙂  When we got up near the market, we accidentally went right instead of left and walked by a carnival that was not open yet (this was about 10 am)…I was none to pleased to have to stroll on by.  I threw a little fit, but calmed down pretty quickly..b.etter than last night’s walk home from the Louvre anyway.

The market was amazing!!  There was just about anything and everything you could ever want there.  Food – fruits, veggies, cheeses, meats, seafood, olives, figs, dates; Clothes – scarves, hats, coats, sweaters, pants, skirts, and even underpants, panties, bras and socks!; Household items, souvenirs, flowers, and on and on.  Mummy got me a red apple and the nice man gave it to me for free.  I guess because it was just one very small apple.  Very nice!  I must have still be hungry because I ate almost all of it – yum!  Mummy got some beautiful pink roses that I loved to smell over and over.

After a nice nap, we all got ready and headed out to the bakery for some lunch then to the park.  Mummy though I might like a PB&J from home, but nope, I was having none of it.  When we got to the park I kept wanting “bite? bite?” of Mummy’s chevre sandwich and ended up eating about half of it!  Turns out, I just want whatever Mummy happens to be eating.  After Mummy’s/my sandwich I had a blast playing at the park.  The only yucky moment, though I didn’t cry or fuss, was when I tripped over the stroller wheel and landed face first in the dirt.  Mummy got me some antiseptic spray to put on it later.  I made some French friends who helped me get up the huge slide and even slide down with me.  They were very nice!

After the park, we played inside for the rest of the night.  I learned to say “Bonjour” and “Merci” with Mummy and had fun moving everything from my bed into the living room and then back.  Then I moved it all from one chair to another.  Back and forth…over and over – fun!  Pretty soon I was laying my head on my pillows and sucking my thumb so Mummy got me some dinner.  I wasn’t too hungry after my 3 pm sandwich and pastry.

Here is the BIG NEWS OF THE DAY…before my bath, during my usual potty time, I DID POO POO IN THE POTTY!!  It was my first ever poo poo in the potty, and in France no less, and I was so very proud.  I even knew exactly what to do and got some toilet paper and helped wipe.  I am already very good at going pee pee and Mummy and Daddy assumed it would be a long time before I did a poo poo on the potty since everyone says that happens last.  I am so grown up!!!

After my big, French le poop, I took a relaxing bubble bath then went to bed right at 6 pm.  It was the first night I went to bed with no fussing or resisting.  I happily laid down and went right to sleep…ahhh, finally back on track with sleep.

Here are some photos from today…though keep checking back as it is taking forever to upload with this less than ideal internet connection and there are more to upload still.


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