Day 5 – A Date for Mummy and Daddy!!

Mummy’s cousin Anne graciously agreed to come over and babysit me tonight so Mummy and Daddy could go on a date!!  I was sleeping so was pretty easy, but Mummy and Daddy appreciated it SOOOO much…I can be a handful 24/7!

Note from Mummy:

It was so great to get a nice out in Paris while Thatcher slept.  We are so grateful to Anne for coming over to watch Thatcher.  I found a vegetarian restaurant near Notre Dame, about a 20-25 minutes walk from the apartment.  I am walking pretty slow today due to a bunch of braxton-hicks when I move too fast or too much.  Baby sure has a way of letting me know when I’m doing too much!  It was a gorgeous walk along and across the Seine and a beautiful night.  The weather, while a bit dreary, has not been too cold.  It’s chilly, but not freezing and when you’re walking it is actually quite nice.

The restaurant was tiny, 4 tables downstairs and a few more upstairs.  It was a good thing I’d called to make a reservation earlier in the day or we’d never have gotten in!  The food was delicious and I even had a few sips of my all time favorite drink, a kir royal (Todd had the rest).  We decided to go to a cafe for dessert and do a little people watching since dinner didn’t take too long.  I had a chocolate chaude which is about a million times better than hot chocolate in the states!!!  You get a pool of thick, dark chocolate in a mug along with a little pitcher of hot milk to pour over it and stir in – heaven!!!  The chocolate is dark so not too sweet and is just the way I like it.  It is so rich you certainly couldn’t have them a lot, but it was a nice treat.  It is actually what Thatcher had with his breakfast this morning, but I didn’t see it because Todd did the mixing while I was tending to Thatcher.

On the way back we stopped in a tacky little souvenir shop for a few little things.  We got Thatcher a t-shirt, an Eiffel Tower bell, the baby an I heart Paris onsie, me a black hat (I didn’t bring a hat) and us a 2012 Paris calendar.  Junky stuff, but fun anyway.  When we got home we had a nice chat with Anne.  It was so nice to get all the news from the Draper side of the family.

Well, it’s time for bed.  I’m hoping that with a little help from an Ambien I’ll actually sleep tonight.  I’ve had the worst adjustment to the time change plus insomnia that I’m a walking zombie.  I try to lay down for a bit when Thatcher naps, but it’s hard when there are things to catch up on while he sleeps…like this blog.  I want to be sure to document what we do since I remember the first time I went to France (I was 7) and Mom painstakingly hand wrote out a summary of our trip in the photo album when we got home.  I loved that!!  I know I’d never remember anything after 2 weeks by the time we get home so I’m doing it daily.  Pregnancy brain is not helping matters, lol.  Oh, and I’ve decided to not upload any more photos until we get home.  The internet is too flakey and it takes too long.  I’d rather be napping.  I’ll do the uploads when we get home.  I may try to get up one or two per day, but seriously, it takes forever and is so frustrating.



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