France – Day 3…early to rise

Well, thanks to Mummy’s alarm we were all up by 8:30 am.  Mummy didn’t fall asleep until 6:30 am so she is still very tired.  When we got up, Daddy put my Elmo video on and Mummy made eggs and toast with juice for breakfast.  I was still tired so to keep me up until a normal nap time Mummy and I went on a 40 minutes walk around town.  I got to see lots of busses bikes, motorbikes, cars and birds.  When we got home it was about nap time.  Mummy wanted a nap too but I would not go in my bed while she was in the room.  I tried to sleep with Mummy in the bed but as sweet as I was, rubbing Mummy’s back, I couldn’t actually sleep.  I went into my bed and Mummy went to the living room, but I think she’ll sneak back in when I am asleep.

We I woke up Mummy’s cousin, Anne was here(Mummy forgot to take photos – boo!!!)!  I liked her very much and played my patented hide and flirt game with her.  She took us to a great little cafe for lunch.  I was hungry when we got there and Mummy did not have any snacks in her bag for me so I ate a packet of sugar instead (note from Mummy: it was a last resort and certainly not normal)!  My new chair that straps onto a regular chair worked like a champ (there do not seem to be any high chairs in restaurants in France).  Then bread came and I had 2 big pieces – yummmmm!!  Finally our food came and I loved my scrambled eggs with curry, but was not so hungry anymore.  My other favorite treat was the creme caramel Daddy for got desert.  Mummy loved it too!!

After lunch it was time for nap #2.  It was 3 pm so a much better time for a nap than 7 pm!!  I slept off and on until about 4:15.  We got up and walked over he the park we found on the way to lunch with Anne.  I had fun bouncing on these little horse things and trying to play soccer with a little French boy.  There was one little boy my age there but he screamed in my face and hissed.  He was not very nice and his Mummy came over to scold him…then went back to playing on her phone and not paying attention.  I guess there are parents like that in all countries.  Pretty soon, at 5 pm on the dot, 2 ladies in uniform came to close the park for the night.  I got to walk all the way home holding Daddy hand.

Mummy made a very American dinner of spiral pasta in olive tomato sauce.  I haven’t been eating a ton, or my eating patterns have been off so she wanted to make sure I had enough in me.  I still didn’t eat a ton.  Oh well, I guess I’m just going through one of those phases.  I do love everything I’ve tried, I just not that hungry right now.  Diapers indicate all the fine though so no worries,

I took 2 normal naps today and went to bed for the night at 6:45…getting closer to normal!  Mummy had to take 2 Ambien, one at 8:30 pm and a second at 1 am, but was finally able to get a full nights sleep – yay!  She set the alarm again and we were all up by 8:30 am.  I was the last to rise.


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