Day 4 – The Louvre & a Carousel

Today was another exciting day in Paris!  After sleeping through the night Mummy and Daddy woke me up at 8:30 am.  I would have slept longer though.  Daddy was still tired so after breakfast Mummy and I headed out for a walk and to explore a little.  It was drizzling so I got to try my new rain cover for the stroller…all the French babies and toddlers use one so I fit right in.  We went a direction we’d never been in and found another playground even closer than the one we went to yesterday.  We’re going to go play there as soon as it dried up enough.  It was pretty drizzly all day today.

On our walk we found a funny shop of haute contour doggie apparel and furniture, lol!  Nicholas is apparently missing out.  We see a lot of dogs on the streets and only a few of them are on leashes.  Mostly they are so well-behaved that they walk along right at their owner’s heels.  If only Nicholas would walk like that he’d go out a lot more.

When we got back from our walk it was time for a nap.  I slept for a little over 2 hours and boy did I need it.  When I woke up Anne was here again – fun!  SHe’d stopped by to bring us a pay as you go cell French cell phone and a great map book.  Mummy went out when I was sleeping and got a little map book too – great minds!  She also got some things for the baby (and for Miss Laura and Miss Kristen’s babies too), some groceries and a little christmas tree for the table.  It’s a real tree and everything!!  (Mummy and Daddy decorated it after I went to sleep and wrapped my presents too!)

After my nap we had lunch at the apartment then I got bundled up in the stroller and we headed out to the Louvre – it’s a fancy French museum.  We took the metro there and I loved seeing and being on the train!  It was pretty easy too and only a few stops.  When we got there it was enormous!  We had to walk and walk to get to the entrance, but it was all underground so it was warm.  Mummy wanted to see the Egyptian exhibit so we went to that.  It was crowded and there were no mummy’s.  I wanted to walk and got out of the stroller for a while.  That was a mistake.  From now on if I start in the stroller, I stay in the stroller and if I start in the Ergo I stay in the Ergo.  I am fine until I need to get put back in, then, it’s tantrum time!

In the end, Mummy and Daddy decided that Louvre is just not toddler friendly and left without finding the Mona Lisa.  Maybe next time.  We did exit out through the big glass pyramid though and that was pretty cool.  We took photos and decided to walk back to the apartment.  It was a very long walk.  A very, very long walk.

One the walk we came upon a cool area with a skating rink and two free carousels!!  Guess who got to ride on it?  Me!!!  uommy went with me and I got to sit in an airplane.  It was so great!  Then, when it was time to leave and get back in my stroller, disaster struck…in the form of a 5 block tantrum.  I was just crying and crying the whole way while saying “airplane?! airplane?! please! please!”  I was so tired so that was not helping.  I finally calmed down mostly when we were almost home.  I even fell asleep for a minute at the, but bumping up a curb woke me.  It was almost 5 pm.

When we got home, I had some Gerber ravioli from home (we should have packed more of these!!), got into my jammies then went to sleep.  I said I didn’t want to, but put up no fight, made no peeps and was sound asleep within minutes.  I went down at 5:15 pm…finally a normal bedtime!!


3 Responses to “Day 4 – The Louvre & a Carousel”

  1. karim Says:

    voila, bon les photos sont super! et je suis tres content pour vous !
    j’espere qu’on gardera le contact !

    miss you alll xxxx

  2. karim Says:

    Joyeuse année 2012
    Pour toute la famille!!

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