France – Night of Day 2…sleep disasters of epic proportions

A note from Mummy on sleep:

First, let me start by noting that it is 2:45 am and I am wide awake….and sitting in the dark typing this post.

I thought we were heading in a decent sleep direction when Thatcher went to bed around 7 pm tonight.  Wrong!  Apparently that was just nap #2 (in fairness we did all sleep until almost noon).  He was up again a bit past 10 pm and was fussy.  We though maybe he was thirsty so we gave him some warm milk, which he greedily gulped down.  Then, he was awake and wanted to “eat? eat?” and of course, play.  We all had a snack (everyone’s food schedule is out of whack too), played for a bit then put Thatcher back to bed.  It was probably a bit before midnight.  Todd and I decided to stay up until he stopped making noise (schooching around, babbling,etc. but no fussing…yet.).  The noise never stopped.  Todd went in to sooth him, give a cuddle and put him back down.

Still not dice with the sleeping.  We got him back out of his travel bed and changed him and tried more snuggles.  No dice.  Finally it was evident that he was over tired and just needed to sleep. So, I put a wailing, crying, full on tantruming Thatcher in his travel bed and zipped it up quickly before he could wiggle out again.  I then proceed to sit, in the dark next to the bed while he screamed, cried, wailed, kicked and fought for what felt like, literally, forever.  It probably lasted maybe 10-20 minutes before he finally just exhausted himself and went silent.  Well, silent save for the heaving breaths/sighs from all that sobbing.  During Thatcher’s sobbing, I too was crying, albeit silently, beside him thinking what a terrible mother I am that I couldn’t soothe my son without such drama.  I guess we’re been super lucky on the sleep front up until now.  Once he calmed down I continued to sit there for about an hour while he tossed and turned.  When he was finally settled enough I climbed back into bed.  Adrenaline filled and emotionally spent, I was now, despite my 2 unisoms from earlier, wide awake.  Oh, and listening to Todd snore merrily away…

UPDATEApparently, Todd timed the whole tantrum last night and Thatcher only wailed for 5 minutes and I only sat there for another 10 minutes.  Time sure does get distorted when your baby is screaming!

During the days I am so thrilled to be here.  During these first evenings, I think this trip was a huge mistake.  Traveling with a toddler, and a high sleeps needs toddler at that, is crazy hard.  I set my watch alarm for 8 am so we can try to get back on a normal schedule tomorrow…or at least something resembling normal.  I just hope it doesn’t take the whole time we’re here to adjust.  Then, when we get home we get to do it all over.  Joy.


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