France – Day 2…Sleeping, Shopping and Fussing

After our midnight snack, we all slept in.  Waaaaay in!  It was 11:30 when we finally got up.  Mummy and Daddy were up before me and to wake me up they turned off the noise machine (am iPhone app since the regular noise machine did not like Paris power and stopped working about 20 seconds after being plugged in), opened the door and went about getting ready for the day without worrying about being quiet.  It still took me a while to wake up.  Daddy got me dressed while Mummy got ready.  When I was dressed I got a banana until we could all get out to get some real food.  I got up on Mummy back in the Ergo with Mummy’s coat over both of us (hooray for stretchy maternity fleece coats!) and we headed out.  We found a little café/bakery and got some sandwiches and quiche to bring home…there were not enough seats in the café to eat there.

After brunch we played in the apartment for a while and it didn’t take long for me to need another nap.  I slept for 2.5 hours…Mummy and Daddy took naps too.  It was after 4pm by the time we were all up again.  I had a snack in the apartment, then we ventured out to do a little shopping.  Mummy tried to put me on Daddy’s back in the Ergo but I flat out refused…arching backwards and saying “No! No! No!”  When Mummy asked if I wanted to be on her back instead I said “yeah!”  Remember I mentioned in the last post I mentioned that I am all about Mummy lately?

We headed out and it was raining a little so Mummy got out the umbrella…I helped hold it.  First stop was the toy shop pretty close to right across from the building we are in.  I got a harmonica, a sicker book, a wooden garbage truck and a tin music box with a tractor on it that you play by twisting a little handle on top (like a jack in the box)…it plays “A la Ferme de Zephirine (French  version of Old McDonald had a farm).  That is one of the songs on my French children’s songs CD.  There were so many fun looking things in there and I got mad that I could not get down and play with everything.  This is where our outing went downhill. . Next stop was the chocolate shop for some macarons – SOOOOO YUMMY!!  We will be bringing some back for people to try.  Seriously, they are super delicious and not at all what you think they would be based on American macaroons.

Next up was the market.  I started to lose it.  Apparently I should have napped longer.  I was crying and crying and nothing helped.  In hind sight, Mummy and Daddy never should have taken me to the toy section since that is what set me off earlier in the toy store.  Actually, I started fussing before that.  There are a ton of motor bikes parked on the street and I want to get on them all.  I got mad when I couldn’t.  I also got mad when I saw a big, green bus and it drove away.  Again, I was still tired.  We got a few things and got out of there quickly.  Mummy calmed me down by putting me in the Ergo on her front (note from Mummy:  this was NOT comfortable when 5 months pregnant!!) and giving me a piece of chocolate and my new harmonica.

At home, we played with my new toys and ran around the apartment jumping from chair to ottoman and back again.  When it was time for dinner I wasn’t hungry.  I ate a little but not much.  After more playing it was finally bedtime around 7-7:30 pm.  I had my head down on Daddy’s shoulder, thumb in mouth and hugging my lovie when I popped up and said and signed “Eat? Eat?”  So, back we went to the kitchen to have some ravioli from home and some croissant and some banana.  Finally with a full belly I went down to sleep and fell asleep without a fuss.

There is a video of me jumping on the chairs…listen at the end to hear me say “Au Revoir!” several times.  Mummy will post it here as soon as the slow internet uploads it (may be in the morning).  I also said Bonsoir as I was being put to bed…I’m getting good at this French thing 🙂

The video finally uploaded:

Mummy finally took photos!!  Some are of me and some are of the apartment.  There are cool lanterns all over the ceiling in the bedroom and there is this amazing carved door leading to it.


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