Weekend Recap…

Lots to cover…where to even begin??

  • Car Wash! – Mummy and Daddy took me through the car wash on our way home from furniture shopping over the weekend.  So much fun!!  Most of the photos Mummy was able to snap with her phone are not great and certainly don’t show all the giggling and pointing and “whoosh whoosh!” sound making I was doing.  Mummy and Daddy made a deal to never go through the car was without me – yay!!
  • Gymnastics – This was my last class of the year so Mummy and Daddy both took me!  I am getting quite independent in class and had fun getting matching bells, which I took care to choose for this reason.  I was grinning ear to ear and running all over the place.  My favorite two things are swinging on the bar and doing “back handsprings” over the “hotdog.”  To clarify, the hotdog is a round  column thing that is about 2 feet high/long.  How I do back handsprings is to lay over the hotdog on my back and put my hands above my head.  Then Mummy, Daddy or Miss Anna rolls the hotdog back, I put my hands down and I flip over.  SO. MUCH. FUN!!  I wanted to keep doing those over and over…and over and over!  The other highlight of the class was watching twin 2 month old babies through the window.  I stood at the window fascinated, for a good long time…hooray for getting a baby brother or sister soon!
  • “Tree Trimming” and Dinner with Foo Foo and Dia – Since we are leaving for France so soon Foo Foo and Dia came over for dinner to see us one last time this year.  Since we did not put up a tree this year since we will be out of town, Mummy got a little, table top foam tree from Target that I got to decorate with ornament stickers.  I did this with Foo Foo and Dia and had so much fun – it turned out GREAT!  I had a ton of fun playing with everyone!
  • New floors and furniture downstairs – I know there was already a post about the floors but I don’t think I told you that we got new furniture too.  I LOVE jumping on the new sectional and soft ottoman “coffee table.”  No more sharp edges for Mummy to worry about 🙂  In my playroom (one the dining room…) I got a fun new town run with roads!  Daddy’s old office chair is also in there now and I just love sitting on it and getting a book to read.  My toys are also now nicely put away in these neat cubes.
  • New carpet upstairs – Once the floors were done and I though things were back to normal, we got a call that there was a cancellation and we could have our carpet installed Monday – that was a whopping 90 minutes notice to get the whole upstairs cleaned up and ready for new carpet.  It was a LOT of stuff to move.  Luckily I was at school the whole time.  Mummy picked me up from school and we went right to a hotel.  We thought we were going because the carpet fumes would be too bad, but it turns out we went because they didn’t finish until 8 pm and my room my last…I am asleep by 6 pm, tops.  We had dinner in the room (rooms…Mummy used points to get a 2 bedroom suite at the Residence Inn) and I had a blast running from room to room, opening and closing doors and turning lights on and off (yes, I am very tall!!).  I went to bed a little before 6 and had a bit of a hard time.  All of the change was really catching up to me.  I started crying around 11:30 and since Mummy and Daddy couldn’t sleep either we packed up and went home.  The house did not stink at all.

With so much change happening I have been a bit out of sorts lately.  I have been really clingy with Mummy and Daddy and at school.  I am fussy when I am never fussy and I meltdown a lot easier.  At almost 2, I thrive on routine and things being predictable.  As cool as this France thing sounds, it is not awesome timing. I can’t wait until things at home can just stay the same for a while…no construction stuff, no new furniture (after the nursery, of course), no schedule changes, no room redecoration, no random hotel stays.


One Response to “Weekend Recap…”

  1. celiaroundtown Says:

    Everything looks great! I love that he got to decorate that tree, that’s really cool. Elena’s also been acting up due to lack of routine and over-stimulation, I feel ya. But such is life. I’m sad we haven’t gotten to see you but have a great trip!

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