New Hardwoods!

Mummy and Daddy are having all of our flooring replaced, hardwoods downstairs and new carpet upstairs.  The hardwoods are being done first and the carpet will be done when we get back from France (unless there is a cancellation!).   We have hardwoods in the kitchen and entry already but the kitchen floors are warped and have water damage.

When we get back from France, 3 days later, we are having all of the carpet upstairs replaced! Oh yeah, Mummy’s nesting instinct has been on overdrive!  Here are the before, during and after for the hardwoods.  Mummy will post before and after (but not during because it only takes 1 day) of the carpets next when those are done.

Before:  The carpet looks MUCH nicer in photos than in real life…and you can’t see the kitchen floor warping in the photos either. Bye-bye yucky, dirty, torn up carpet!!

During: I had fun playing in the big pile of boxed up hardwood as they acclimated.  I also loved watching the installers work when I get home from school.  I would sit at the bottom of the stairs, behind the gate, and watch in awe of everything they do!  All I wanted to do though was walk around downstairs to explore everything.  Too bad Mummy and Daddy said it was unsafe and kept me behind the gate and upstairs.

After: Check out my cool new driving around town rug!!  I am really enjoying the fact that now all of my cars go really fast and really far on the new floors…cars don’t go too well on carpet.  The one photo on the collage below is not really floors, is the new oven and microwave that were delivered on day 4 of the flooring install (hectic!).  Now all of our appliances WORK (and match) 🙂  Oh, and more photos Sunday when the new living room furniture Mummy and Daddy got is delivered…seriously, Mummy’s nesting instinct is really bad!


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