My Toddler Parade!

Today was the big Toddler Parade at school!!  I got dressed up in one of my nice, new outfits from Janie and Jacks and even took a nice, long nap to get prepared.  Mummy, Daddy AND Foo Foo came to see me!  We started from my classroom and started walking down the hall toward the cafeteria shaking bells and “singing” Jingle Bells.  I was helping Miss Ashley pull the red wagon with some friends in it.  Everyone else walked the parade facing forward, but I am so special I walked it all backwards while pulling a wagon!

Here I am at my parade:

As soon as I saw Mummy and Daddy waving at me I broke out into a giant grin.  When I saw Foo Foo there too, I beelined straight over to her for big hugs…running straight past both Mummy and Daddy.  We made out way into the cafeteria where we sat at a table and Daddy brought me a big christmas tree cookie with loads of soft, gooey icing.  I ate some of the cookie, but lots of the icing!  There was also fun tinsel on the tables to play with.

Here I am eating my big cookie: 

In the cafeteria each class got to present their parents with the presents we made for them.  When it was time for my class, I was the only one who walked up to get my present and handed it to Mummy.  I made Mummy and Daddy honey butter!  Really!  We shook up the cream in baby food jars until it made butter – cool!  Mummy is going to have it on toast tomorrow for breakfast.

After the festivities at school were over we went home.  I cried all the way because Foo Foo was not in our car.  Luckily, she ended up at our house anyway and I was so happy!!  She came to see me and the progress of our new hardwood floors (almost done!).  We played for a while until it was time for Foo Foo to go home and time for us to get some dinner.

Since the kitchen is still somewhat of a construction zone, we went out for dinner at Carrabba’s.  I was hungry and ate bread dipped in olive oil (I refused to eat the bread without dipping it!), salad, bruschetta, and ravioli.  I love restaurants – so much good food and fun new people to watch.  Ladies always flirt with me 🙂  It was pretty late when we finished, around 6 pm (past my bedtime!) and I was exhausted.

Here I am dipping bread in oil like a pro:

A cool thing happened on the car ride home – I learned to whisper!   Mummy and Daddy love this new skill 🙂

Here are some photos (none of the actual parade since Mummy was taking video instead):


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