Thatcher and his ALL BOY sense of humor…

I am short on time so this will be a bulleted list update…

  • I’m pregnant, thus burp more than usual.  Thatcher is fascinated and amused by this and after I burp he opens his mouth and tries so hard to burp.  When he finally does (not when he tries, but randomly), after saying “Excuse Me” he cackles with laughter…then tries so hard to do it again.
  • Thatcher has discovered that “tooting” in the bathtub makes hilarious bubbles…
  • He LOVES to pee pee on the potty and laughs so hard every time he watches himself go…I don’t know why it’s funny, but to him, it’s awesome and hilarious.  Of course, we make a HUGE deal when he goes, but he doesn’t seem to notice that.  I guess seeing pee pee is all the reward he needs!

He sure is all boy, LOL


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