Happy New Year!!

I am sleeping through the new year, and hopefully, I will be sleeping through it for a few more year yet.  Mummy, Daddy and I went to The Huckleberry for our New Year’s Even dinner…we tried to go to hibachi, our tradition, but everywhere was booked.  Usually all the hibachi places are empty – apparently our trend is catching on!

For me to go to dinner, Mummy and Daddy had to wake me from a 3 hour nap.  I went down at 1:30 pm and at 4:30 I was awakened, much to my dismay.  I did NOT want to wake up!  I thought I was asleep for the night!  It took me a long time to wake up, and I never was very alert.  Mummy took a few photos from dinner and you can see how tired I was.  It made for a very quiet dinner (which Mummy and Daddy kind of enjoyed)!  Luckily, I got to go back to sleep as soon as we got home at 6:30.  We are all hoping to sleep through the whole night tonight, but after all the travel it’s anyone’s guess what the night will bring.

Happy New Year!!!


Toddler Travel Tips & Paris Tidbits

Here are my best tips for traveling with a toddler, as well as some tidbits I noticed about Paris.  I’m sure both lists are not as complete as they could/should be, but I’m still jet-lagged so it will have to do.

Traveling with a toddler:

  • Lessons Learned Don’t bring too many carry-on bags…seriously, less is more.  Pack and check all you can.
  • Don’t over pack carry-on bags…you won’t need anywhere near as much as you think!!  A favorite lovie, one or two small new toys, a few snacks (goldfish and animal crackers), a bottle of water, a few diaper and wipes and a change of clothes was all we actually used.
  • STICKERS, lots and lots of STICKERS…best activity/toy for an airplane of all time!
  • If possible, rent an apartment over a hotel.  You’ll love having a kitchen, bathroom (try to get one with a washer/dryer!!!) and a room with a door to shut so the little one can go to bed before you.  I think it also give a much better local flavor than a cookie cutter hotel.  It’s about the same cost too (ours was actually cheaper).
  • Having a travel bed that is familiar to your toddler is very helpful in keeping at least something about the trip normal.  We have the Kidco peapod which looks like a miniature tent.   It’s especially great for mobile kids/babies to keep them from crawling out of a smaller pack and play type bed/crib.  It also packs really small
  • If you have a thing that turns your car seat into a stroller, don’t bring the stroller through the airport.  Check it.  We use the gogo kidz one and LOVE it.
  • Try to get on local time as fast as possible.  It took us about 3 days for an 8+ hour difference.  Jury is out on coming home, -8 hrs, but so far, it seems easier.
  • Keep naps as normal as possible, as well as keep meal and snack times as normal as possible (we failed at this, but recognize how it would have helped a lot).
  • Bring a cloth toddler chair (hooks around a chair) to use on restaurant/café chairs where high chairs do not exist.  Lifesaver!!  We bought one here.  You can also, in a pinch, use an Ergo to strap a toddler to a chair!
  • If you’re “tall” (I am 5’6” and am too “tall”) and have an umbrella stroller for travel because they’re ‘light and convenient’, find some sort of handle extender (we never found one) or just bring the full size stroller…you’re back and shoulders will thank you!!  More likely than not you’ll end up carrying the stroller up with your toddler in it and down stairs instead of getting your toddler in and out every time (especially if your toddler has a fit getting put back in) so that fold small to carry around feature is basically worthless.  In that case, having the smaller stroller really does you no good at all…and may be a detriment since they do not have a 5 point harness and if you have a toddler who loves wheels like our does, he’ll be able to reach them and that is just dirty and unsafe
  • Speaking of strollers, for cold weather travel be sure to have/bring/buy there a cozy toes/bundle me (or similar sleeping bag type thing that is like a blanket you zip you kiddo into to keep them warm…we got a great knock off version at Burlington for $17…way better than the $90 for the name brand and works great!!) and a rain cover.  The rain cover doubles as a wind-breaker and we found to be an absolute necessity for really cold days and was great for naps to block out wind and I presume a little bit of noise.
  • Factor in transit time to and from places and balance that with nap times. ..unless you have a stroller your kiddo will sleep in.
  • Apparently, for our son, ~9 days was his travel limit…our trip was 12 nights, leaving on the morning of Day 13.  We had some truly disastrous moments days
  • The most random things are great meltdown stoppers/distractions…most often they are food. For instance, here are a few that worked for us when out and about and not near an Elmo video (not our proudest parenting moments, but sometimes you do what you gotta do):  popcorn, sugar cubes, sugar packets dumped on the table for fingers to dip in, M&Ms, pouches of pureed fruit, looking for busses, motorbikes, pigeons or dogs, being held by Mummy (and ONLY Mummy), and my favorite, wisp disposable toothbrushes…you know the kind you kept in your purse when single for the morning after unexpected ‘sleepovers.’
  • Try to hit restaurants and other places at non-peak times.  It will be easier to maneuver yourself and your toddler and all of your toddler’s stuff with more space and fewer people.  It will also be a little less embarrassing (i.e. fewer people to apologize to) when meltdown happen at a table.
  • Take lots of photos…look at the cutest ones when your toddler is finally asleep.  It will help you forget the tantrums during the days and remember how sweet your child really is.
  • My husband’s tip for traveling with a toddler?  “Don’t”

Paris tidbits:

  • There are no toilet seats (that I saw) in public places. Odd, but at least we didn’t run into any squat toilets(I know they still have them and have used many during my last trips to France).  Toilets yes;seats, no…it’s like your hubby left the seat up on a permanent basis!
  • The public toilets on the street are surprisingly clean (with a handy cleaning cycle between every use)…though being pregnant with a baby dancing on my bladder when I walked, I wish there were more of them.
  • Almost no restaurants will have high chairs.  If they do, they are probably in a touristy café and
  • look like they are from an antique store and might be just part of the décor.
  • In December, it is dark until around 9 am…which makes getting up any earlier pretty hard.
  • Nobody on the streets make eye contact or smile.  Best to just do as they do…apparently, as a woman, if you look a man in the eye it means you want to sleep with them!  If you’re single and looking though, how easy is that?!  lol
  • If you buy a stroller in France and expect to get a bucket that clicks in back home, think again. Different safety standards mean that the same brands (Britax in my case) have different models and compatibility in different countries.  Oops!  It’s still an amazing stroller by itself though!
  • If someone tries to give you a gold ring (asking if you lost it), say no and keep walking.  It is a scam.
  • If someone tries to get you to sign a petition of any kind, say no and keep walking.  It is a scam.
  • The Parisian homeless with sweet, sad looking dogs will break your heart…it seemed like almost
  • every homeless person had a dog (or two).
  • You must try the macarons…the most amazing cookie in the world!!!
  • You must also try the hot chocolate…chocolate in the bottom of a mug that you pour hot milk over. Amazing!!
  • Apparently, the French do not drink water.  At least not much of it.  When they do, they do it from tiny little glasses that hold about 4 oz.  Unlike in the States where giant glasses of water are brought and refilled without even asking, in France you must ask for a carafe d’eau.  It will barely fill 2 or 3 4 oz. wine glasses.  You will not get a refill (unless you ask) so ration carefully.  Better still, bring a filled water bottle with you if you like to actually stay hydrated.
  • The French have very cool (in theory) washer/dryer combos.  Very cool to stuff your clothes in,turn it on, then not have to do anything until your things are dry.  These machines (at least the one in the apartment we are staying in) have a teeny capacity and fit about 2 towels, max.  I’mnot kidding.  It also takes 3 hours to run a cycle.  That is 50 minute for the wash and 2 HOURS for the dry.  Often, the clothes are still not dry so an extra hour of drying time is added.
  • Despite everything, including (and especially) all toddler tantrums Paris is ABSOLUTELY worth the visit – a truly amazing city!!!

Day 13 – The long trip home

I was surprisingly good all day – no big meltdowns!!  A few minor, but very understandable fusses, but nothing major.  That is VERY impressive since I was traveling for close to 20 hours (12 of them were on a plane…the rest were getting ready, being in the car or at an airport).That is a LOT of travel, especially for a toddler.

We got up early to get our cab at 8 am to head to the airport.  Things went pretty smoothly, save one huge exception at French security, and we go to the gate with plenty of time to grab a quick bite and hit the bathrooms.  If Mummy and Daddy would only listen to me more, I’d be almost totally potty trained.  I am very good at saying “I pee? I pee?” and actually having to go.  Most of the time I say “I pee” and someone listens and takes me to the potty (if I’m not already there), my diaper is dry and I do indeed need to pee.  I even went pee in the airplane bathroom (kind of yucky, but still impressive).

The exception at security you are wondering?  Well, just like in the US they had to manually check my car seat because it is too big for the x-ray machine.  They took it and said they’d be right back so we didn’t see what actually happened.  However, when we got it back, the harness was broken!!  It would not tighten, or loosen – not good!  I ended up riding with almost all the way loose straps (one was more loose than the other too) for both flights and in the car on the way home.  Daddy is going to see fi it can be fixed (maybe something just got stuck?), otherwise, I am getting a new car seat for Daddy’s car.  Mummy and Daddy are not happy about that!

As we were taxing to takeoff, not during the hour we were ont he plane before that, a flight attendant first decided the car seat was too loose.  The seatbelt had a long leather piece on one side that did not fit through the car seat strap place.  So, for take-off I had to sit on Mummy’s lap with a baby belt thing.  It basically threaded through Mummy’s seatbelt then around me.  We also had to switch seats with a guy in the bulkhead because for some reason Mummy’s seat was not OK for me to be in.

After we were in the air the flight attendant was back.  After first telling us the car seat would be fine for the rest fo the flight (just not for takeoff and landing) we are now told that we can’t use the car seat in the seats we have because there is an airbag in the seatbelt…that leather part.  What?!  What good is an airbag going to do you in a plane crash?!  In any case,  we ended up getting moved to the bulkhead, the only row in our class that does not have airbags in the seatbelts. (Oh, we were in these exact same seats on the flight over and nobody said a word.).  Mummy was on the aisle and I was next to her.  The b*(&H next to me refused to move so Daddy sat behind Mummy.  After what we paid for tickets together I think Air France should have made sure we could all sit together, no matter what.

Note from Mummy:  It had been a very long last few days in France.  We were all cranky and Thatcher had been melting down almost hourly.  I was aggravated that our expensive car seat was broken at security, that we weren’t told that Thatcher was in a potentially dangerous on the flight over (or that nobody mentioned this when I made the reservations for us with a car seat) and pissed that the woman next to Thatcher wouldn’t change seats…to a better one, by the way (middle to aisle). I had to have Todd sit by Thatcher so I could go to the bathroom because I was about to lose it.  I ended up sobbing in the airplane bathroom for a solid 30 minutes before I could come back…and have Todd get my sunglasses because you can probably imagine what I looked like after 30 minutes of sobbing (not tearing up, full on heaving, sobbing).  I felt a little better after and actually appreciated the time in my own row to watch part of a movie and have a little me time…I’d have none for 13 days so I was due!  I was just on everything overload.  I am only sharing this since I think it is important that we (parents) are open about the ups and downs so we don’t feel so alone and like we’re terrible parents because we just lose it and breakdown sometimes.  Being a parent is HARD and traveling with a toddler, while pregnant, while fun for most of the time, is downright exhausting.  I’m so glad we went and have the memories, but I am also so glad we are home!!

Pretty soon I took my first of 2 naps.  I fussed some on the way down (Daddy intentionally didn’t do much about it in an effort to get the lady next to me to move) but eventually slept for an hour.  After I woke up I had some lunch.  Daddy saved me an orange from his meal.  It was a little tough so I sucked and slurped on each piece then flung the pieces around.  Again, Daddy did nothing trying to get the lady next to me annoyed enough to finally offer to move (she’s been asked by the flight attendant when we were all moving and refused).  One time, I flung an orange on her arm…I wanted us all together too.

Mummy came over and stood in front of us to talk to me and I was so happy and smily then.  Finally the lady offered to switch seats with Mummy – HOORAY!!!  It took almost 2 hours, but we finally wore her down.  I was pretty perfect for the rest of the flight and Mummy was happy again too 🙂  We played with stickers (best game EVER for airplanes) and that was a blast.  We got a book of 1000 Cars stickers so there were plenty to plaster myself with.  For fun, I also got to walk up and down the aisles in big circles and the man next to Mummy played with me.  He was pretty cool and showed me how to use headphones, use the TV and fist bump.  Mummy let me sit in her seat during this because she needed to stand up a lot.  The next time we fly I’ll be in a Cares harness in the seat and not in a car seat.  I’ll be MUCH happier.

After another nap (about an hour each) we landed in Atlanta!  I got to ride on Mummy’s back through customs and to the next plane.  We had just enough time to get some pizza for dinner.  I was HUNGRY and ate almost an entire 8″ cheese pizza!  After a diaper and jammie change we got on the next plane.  Mummy and Daddy thought I would sleep for sure!

Hahahahahahah…I was wide awake for the whole thing.  Well, I did fall sleep with 3 minutes to go.  I mostly watched football, ate pretzels and drank Fresca from a can – except for the Fresca part, I sound like a big man, huh?  LOL!  At long last we got out bags, got in the car and went home.  I fell asleep a few minutes from home and Mummy brought me right upstairs to sleep.  Ahhhh, my own bed!

Note from Mummy: Todd and I got to bed around 10:30 pm…we were home by 8:30 pm.  Our neighbor who was keeping an eye on the place and taking in any packages was not home when we got home.  HUGE bummer since he had the new pregnancy pillow I ordered (since the old one is still in France!) and I can’t sleep without one anymore.  I tried making a pillow nest, but no dice.  Oh well.  I wasn’t going to unpack, but got a second wind and unpacked everything!  I was so tired I needed 1/2 an Ambien to get to sleep…I was at the so tired I couldnt’ sleep place.  Thatcher slept OK but was up at 5 am.  We realized he thought it was morning so we all went to iHOP for breakfast since we were hungry too.  When we got home, around 6.  Thatcher and I took naps but Todd, oddly was not tired (he is napping now though).  Thatcher was up at 9 and I was up around 9:45.  Todd had to go get Nicholas so I had to watch Thatcher.  That nap was the best sleep I had…better than the night sleep!  I think we’ll all adjust to being back faster than when we got to Paris.  Fingers crossed!!

A few photos from the flights:

My World – In Photos

Here are the photos I took…100% all by myself!


Day 12 – Last full day in Paris…

I had a relatively good morning…Mummy and Daddy were happy about that!  After playing a little and getting dressed we headed out to what we thought was out last breakfast at our favorite little cafe on the corner.  Then I pitched a fit about not holding hands (near busy traffic) and refused to be held.  Mummy and Daddy didn’t feel up to rolling the toddler tantrum dice by going into the restaurant so we went next door, I got in my stroller and Mummy bought us all croissant and pain aux noisette (croissant filled with nutella, or something close and equally delicious!).  We ate as we strolled and I was happy with taking my breakfast to go.

Cousin Anne recommended a neat park nearby since we told her we were going to stick close to home for the last day.  The park was awesome!!!  There was plenty of room for me to run around an even some playground equipment.  The only ick part was that some moron had broken a glass bottle on the slide so that was a no go.  I was all bundled in my reversible (i.e. 2 layers) shirt, sweater, sweatpants, blue jacket (I refuse to wear another!), scarf, hat with ear flaps plus my hood, and mittens held on by white socks up my arms.  I am quite the fashion plate!  I ran all over the grass that was not to be walked on (Mummy was so tired she didn’t care) and even got to walk inside of some dry fountains.  That was pretty cool!

I ran and ran some more until finally I went to Mummy and said and signed “eat? eat?” then said “I sit” and plopped down right there in the damp dirt of the path.  Finally, I wore myself out!!!  Daddy picked me up, brushed me off and sat me in my stroller.  I was happy to be there and polished off 3/4 of my pain aux noisette.  We strolled while I ate and we found a chocolate shop to buy a few boxes for gifts.  Chocolate is not cheap here!!!  We strolled some more, on the lookout for a new diaper bag for Mummy since the zipper broke on the cheap one she brought here.  Mummy and Daddy were not big fans of the though of bringing a broken and gaping bag back home on an airplane and through crowded airports.  Mummy saw one she loved but did not want to pay what is cost.  In the end she realized that she’s go through a few more cheap ones she didn’t really love and would end up spending more or the same on those and still end up getting the ones she loved in the end.  So really, buying the nice bag was a wise investment and saved money in the long run!  Her new bag is pretty awesome and will easily be used as a regular purse after babies too.  After looking online, we actually got a pretty good deal buying it here!!

When we got back we played for a little bit then I got really wound up.  So wound up that I decided it would be great fun to wind up and head butt Mummy, on the side of her head, as hard as I could.  It turns out my head is made of stone so it didn’t phase me, i even laughed a little, but it made Mummy cry because it hurt her so much.  Mummy was pretty upset so Daddy had to put me down for my nap.  I think Mummy is going to make Daddy sit next to me on the plane tomorrow.  She’s worn out and hormonal and ready to be home and rest.  Plus, her finger still hurts really, really bad….now her head hurts too.

After my nap we just played in the apartment.  Mummy and Daddy were not about to go through the paces of taking me out again.  In the afternoon Anne came to see us again – yay!!  I was having a snack but still took time and smiled, flirted and even took some photos of her all by myself!  After being bribed by some M&Ms, which I gallantly shared with Miss Anne (and Inever share M&Ms!!), Mummy got my socks, shoes and coat on so we could go outside and take some photos.  I wanted to hold Anne’s hand on the way out 🙂  It was already getting dark and we never made it past the public bikes right out front, but we had fun anyway.  Anne and I counted all of the bikes then I got to sit on some, ring the bells and even crawl under them.  We took some photos, but not as many as everyone would have liked.  We tried to talk a little walk, but it was 5 pm (bedtime) and I was starting to meltdown so we went back inside.

After a quickie dinner and bubble bath, it was bedtime!  Mummy and Daddy were very relieved and I fell right to sleep so I was ready for it.  We are all packed up and ready for the cab at 8am…Au Revoir, Paris!

Here I am counting bikes with my great-cousin Anne (she’s pretty awesome!!):

Here I am crawling under the public bikes:

Day 11 – Can we go now?

I am officially done with traveling and would like to be home now.  I want my routine, my dog, my bed and my toys.  In that order.  Mostly, I want my routine back.  I am getting cranky without it and while I had only had 3 meltdowns (lasting <5-10 minutes each) until yesterday, I am now having them daily.  I am making this trip less fun for Mummy and Daddy now…  I am not sure what it means but they keep repeating “he’s only 21 months, he’s only 21 months, he’s doing great for only 21 months, he’s doing great for only 21 months…”  Nobody is looking forward to the long trip home…but we are all looking forward to actually being there.

This morning was actually good until we left the house.  I had a big bowl of Cheerios for breakfast.  I can eat them with a spoon all by myself and I love to drink the milk right from the bowl.  I also, in honor of my dog Nicholas, ate some Cheerios face down directly from the bowl.  I though that was hilarious and Mummy and Daddy were too tired to really care.

After breakfast I had fun taking a whole bunch of photos with Mummy’s camera!  Turns out, I can take a decent photo…well, sometimes.  Toward the end of my photo taking spree, I started to figure out to point at what I wanted to capture.  Mummy will post my first “photo album” later for everyone to see: My World.  I think I might like my own camera for my birthday!

After taking photos I tried to take a nap.  It did not go so well.  I never actually fell asleep despite being really tired.  Mummy and Daddy ended up getting me up and we all went to get some lunch since we really needed to get out.  While it is not as foggy as yesterday it is still freezing cold.  I guess we were lucky to have so much “warmer” weather up until yesterday.  We brought the stroller, but I walked on the way out.

Before stopping for lunch we stopped in the kids shoe store down the street.  My converse sneakers are getting pretty beat up and they are currently the only shoes that fit me.  Since Mummy remembers so vividly the shoes she got from Paris when she was seven (a robin egg blue leather pair with a leather bow and a black leather pair with thin red leather stripes (about .5 in. apart) and a red leather bow…those blue shoes are to this day one of the favorite pair she has ever owned) she decided I should get shoes from France too.  Granted little boy shoes are not as cute as girl shoes, but that’s ok.  There are a lot of toddler shoes with laces here…that seemed like a lot of trouble to Mummy.  I got a practical, but very stylish pair of brown suede ankle shoes with a velcro strap.  It seems that there are more traditional ankle shoe/boots here than in the US.  The style of the bronzed baby shoes from Mummy’s parent’s generation.  The soles are  sturdy but flexible and the way they are styled make them very easy to get on and off.  I am a size 24!  The nice lady who measured my feet and got my shoes also gave me a yellow balloon on a blue string.  I did not want to leave the store!

Leave we did though, much to my dismay.  It was time for lunch.  I kept on walking and Mummy pushed my stroller.  We went across to the same place we had lunch on our very first day.  Mummy went in first to get situated and get the stroller put up. She smashed her right pointer finger in the stroller while collapsing it in a rush and is pretty sure she broke it (hairline break, not a full one).  It is just the very tip so not really much can be done for it.  Her nail is bruised and her whole finger is swollen and she can’t bend it all the way.  It still hurts her as much after 7 hours as it did when it happened…and Mummy has a very high tolerance for pain so that’s saying something.  Ouch!!  She really should pay more attention…I do not make this easy though.

I started fussing as soon as I got in the restaurant.  I did not want to sit in my cloth chair that straps to the big chair.  I did anyway.  I wanted all the toys in the corner, but once I had them did not want them anymore.  Really, I just wanted to run around.  Once again, a wisp toothbrush to the rescue!  I do love brushing with those…Mummy and Daddy think it is stilly but appreciate good oral hygiene and a quite toddler in a restaurant.  My other distraction was two pouches of fuit…I am just about living on those now.  Yum!!  I wanted more, but Mummy only packed two since we were only going out for lunch.

I had a few bites of Mummy omelette and a piece of bread but my favorite was the milk foam on Daddy’s cafe creme.  No coffee, just the milk part.  The second Mummy and Daddy finished Daddy whisked me outside since i was fussing again and Mummy paid and gathered the stroller and out things and met us ont he street.  We headed a few stores over to the natural food stores that has the fruit pouches I like and bought 2 more boxes plus a box of cereal bars.  I had half a cereal bar and 3 more pouches of fruit!  I was exhausted and happy to be snuggled back in my stroller.

Mummy thought about just strolling me around so I could nap in the stroller since I sleep so well in there, but Daddy had the better idea to just go home and get me a proper nap so we did.  We stopped on the way home to get some presents for Foo Foo and Dia though – they are awesome and I hope they like them since I helped pick them out (by way of being in the store and not fussing).  Now all we have to get are chocolates and we are ready to pack and come home.

Even after a 2-2.5 hour nap, I was still Mr. Crankypants!  I wanted to go play outside, but did not want to put shoes or a coat on.  Mummy let me run in the hall on our floor for a few minutes but made me come back in because I wanted to knock on everyone’s doors and that is apparently, not ok.  I screamed and cried like someone was hurting me and continued my fit once back inside.  Mummy asked if I wanted to go walk outside and I nodded yes (between heaving sobs).  So began the coat and shoe fiasco.  Mummy had to hold me while Daddy tried to get my shoes on.  They were finally on and I was not happy about it.  Then Daddy held me while Mummy got my coat on and zipped it up.  I was displeased…and made sure everyone in about a thousand mile radium know it.  Mummy opened the door and said we could go out now.  I refused and kept tugging on my coat trying to get it off.  Finally, they relented and removed my coat and shoes.  I was still sobbing…

Elmo and friends to the rescue!!!  Mummy was very smart to get and bring the DVD.  I quite happily sat in her lap and watched almost the whole DVD. I also ate 1/2 a PB&J (made with Jiff from the American store that cost 8 Euro!!), some apple and some milk.  It was around 4:30 so close enough to dinner to mostly be dinner.  In the Elmo video I saw Ernie in a bubble bath with his ducky and decided I wanted one too.  After a little bit of playing I got my wish – yay!  I got a nice, warm bubble bath with my rubber ducky, just like Ernie!  Mummy also fed me the last of my ravioli in the tub (again, pretty genius for the clean up factor!) so I wouldn’t go to bed hungry.  All was finally well in my world.  Then, as if to emphasize that I had reached my travel time tolerance, I pooped in the tub….

I went to bed right after the ‘tub incident of Paris’ and cousin Anne is coming to babysit later so Mummy and Daddy can go out.  I have sufficiently frazzled them into really needing to get out so the timing was perfect.  Mummy noted that if she wasn’t pregnant she’d surely have her fill of wine tonight at dinner.  As it stands, a pre-dinner pain au chocolate will have to do.

The red on my face in the tub is pasta sauce (dinner in the tub!)…

Day 10 – The day we should have stayed in (a.k.a. Versailles on a freezing, foggy, napless day)

This morning we had a big, America breakfast of eggs and toast…me and Mummy needed some protein!  I ate breakfast and spent most of the morning in just my French diaper.  Apparently I was thinking i was hot stuff in my bunny diaper, lol.  I was pretty hungry for breakfast and ate 3 whole scrambled eggs and most of my toast.  I still wanted loads of butter and jam on my toast though – French breakfasts are still supreme in my opinion.  No hot chocolate or juice but maybe we’ll get crepes later (we did!)!  Mummy and Daddy kept asking me if I wanted to get on my coat and shoes and go to the park, but I kept saying “no, no” and kept on playing.  I guess I needed some “in” time.  I played right up until I started snuggling into a chair onto which I’d piled everything from my bed (blanket, pillow, lovie, bunny rabbit and Walter the tooting dog) and stuck my thumb in my mouth…tbe universal signal for nap time!

With a full belly and finally some clothes on, I took a terrible nap that lasted less than an hour.  I probably only slept for 20 minute total.  Granted I slept 15 hours last night, but still, I need more nap time than that.  Perhaps Mummy and Daddy should have anticipated a meltdown and moved our trip to Versailles to tomorrow.  That would have been the smart thing to do.  In any case, I got all bundled up and in my stroller and off we went.  Speaking of bundling up, I flat-out refuse to wear mittens or tuck my bare hands into the sleeping bag like blanket I get zipped into.  This confused Mummy because my hands get so cold!  Mummy found a solution I couldn’t get around though…she puts socks on my hands that are pulled up and over my jacket all the way over my elbows.  I try to tug them off but since they are up so high it’s hard and I give up and leave them on.  They look funny but at least my hands aren’t popsicles.  En route to the Metro we stopped for sandwiches for the train plus nutella crepes.  Mummy had a craving (or, they just looked good from yesterday when we walked by them).  I sure did enjoy the nutella crepe…but, who wouldn’t?!

We had to take the RER C line to Versailles which is like a train to the suburbs.  Sort of part of the Metro, but you need a special ticket because it goes outside of the zone Pairs is in.  It was cool because it was a ‘real’ train with seats and big windows and it went above ground for a bunch of the way.  We shared seats with a nice Indian man who did his PhD in Wisconsin (in Math!) and was working in Paris on a 1 year contract.  I, of course, had to get out of my stroller and sit on a real seat.  For a while I did great and ate a big bunch of Mummy’s cheese and tomato sandwich (I sure have had a lot of cheese sandwiches here!!!).  Then, I got antsy and wanted to move around.  Luckily the train was pretty empty so Mummy and I walked to another bank of seats a few rows ahead and I happily alternated sitting on one of 10 seats in the row.  Pretty soon we were at the end of the line (literally) and it was time to get off.

We headed across the street to get tickets to Versailles and proceeded to walk toward it.  It was not too far and would have taken less time if Mummy was not pregnant (she’s such a slow poke!!).  By the time we made it through the gate, I had fallen asleep.  The lines to get inside were CRAZY long and wound all over so while I napped Mummy and Daddy walked around the gardens a bit.  There was a TON of fog and you could hardly see the building.  It was also freezing, bitterly cold.  Not the best day for this particular outing.  It was such a gorgeous day yesterday…nice and sunny and Mummy didn’t even need a coat.

Silly Mummy tried to take me into a gift shop and the change in noise and bumpiness woke me right up. Now I was awake and not at all happy about it.  I started wailing and insisted on being picked up.  Could Daddy hold me?  Nooooo.  Could I walk?  Nooooo.  Would I ride in my stroller?  Nooooo.  Could Mummy carry me?  YES!!  Could ONLY Mummy carry me, ALL the way back to the train station?  YES!!!  Did I throw a screaming, wailing, tear filled fit every time Mummy tried to pass me off to Daddy for a few minutes because I am a very big boy and she is pregnant and was having braxton-hicks and bad round ligament pain from my heft…YOU BET!

We stopped briefly in a really bad hotel restaurant to warm up and give Mummy a break.  The service was terrible and the food was even worse.  I didn’t want to sit still and was very antsy.  The highlight, for me, was chewing on a wisp disposable toothbrush from Mummy’s bag and eating 2 sugar cubes.  What great parents I have, LOL.  To get me back in the stroller I was bribed with my new favorite treat – popcorn!  It was 3 days old and stale (Mummy brought it for bird feeding), but I did not care.  I LOVE popcorn!

We finally got back to the train and luckily the train was packed enough going back to Paris that we had to stay at the end, standing up, which meant I was not even tempted to pitch a fit until I could sit in a real seat like Mummy and Daddy.  I munched my old, stale popcorn most of train ride home.  At long last, we arrived back at our stop.  I do love being carried in my stroller up and down all the Metro stairs…I laugh at Mummy and Daddy every time 🙂  We walked home as fast as big, round Mummy could go and I enjoyed when we followed two doggies for a while.  When turned in another direction I cried “more dog, more dog.”  Yeah, I was soooo tired.

By the time we got home it was 5 pm and I was done.  Mummy tried to feed me some ravioli for dinner but I wanted none of it.  I was slap happy from being so exhausted and just ran around the apartment giggling and trying on big shoes.  Then I ran into the bedroom, grabbed my lovie, tossed it on my head, thumb in mouth and ran back out.  Yup, bedtime.  I still had not eaten and was filthy and really needed a bath so Mummy ran me a big, warm, bubble bath.

Mummy had the bright idea to try to feed me dinner while I was in the tub.  Brilliant!!  I ate two plates of ravioli and some vegetable risotto.  The big bonus?  Easy clean up since I’m already in the tub!!  After my dinner in the tub I got into my jammies and was sound asleep within a few minutes.  I sure was exhausted (so are Mummy and Daddy!!!!!).