Hyper Pre-Bedtime Energy…

Here is a small sample of Thatcher being wound up before bed…the more tired he gets the more slap-happy and hyper he gets!


Weekend Fun

This weekend was fun!  On Saturday I got to see my Tia Dia…she just got back from Everest Base Camp!  That’s a pretty big deal!  She brought Daddy a t-shirt and Mummy and I fleece lined Yak wool booties/slippers that are AWESOME!!!  I loved that they made me slip and slide on the hardwoods in the kitchen – wheeeeeee!

On Sunday (after daylight savings), after a long 3 hour morning nap, we went into Denver to see Nana Foo Foo…and have lunch and go look at double strollers.  There was a little wait at the CPK at the mall so Foo Foo took me to the play area for a bit first.  Fun!!  At lunch I ate a lot of broccoli soup…I am getting really great at eating soup with a spoon by myself!  Then I ate mushroom pizza and salad.  Seriously, I love salad!

When we left the restaurant Foo Foo walked to teh parking garage with us.  I did NOT want to be in the stroller and I did NOT want to hold anyone’s hand except Foo Foo.  We all learned why I still need a stroller…I stopped every few steps to practice jumping.  Very cute!  Then I would dart into any facinating looking store (most of them) and after any pretty lady I saw.  I wanted to check out everything!

After lunch we went to Right Start to look at the Baby Jogger City Select double stroller.  It was nice, but was a tad small for me.  It fits fine now, but I’ll outgrow it pretty soon.  It also doesn’t handle as well as the BOB.  Mummy is trying to decide if we really need a double stroller of if we can just use two strollers when we all go out.  Realistically, Mummy doesn’t think she’ll be going a lot of places alone with me and the baby as long as I still need a stroller.  She’ll probably change her mind a few more hundred times.

Here are just a few photos from the weekend: