Sunday – The Museum and Dinner

Sunday was a super fun day!  After my morning nap I had some lunch then got right in the car to go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  We’re members now!  Foo Foo met us there just in time to see my very first movie…an IMAX 3D movie called Under the Sea.  I did really well…for about 20 (of 45) minutes.  I was fascinated by the big screen and all the fish.  I didn’t love the 3D glasses but did put them on a few times and reached out to touch everything.  After about 20 minutes, I just got antsy and we left.  I was quiet as a mouse, but it was just a long time for me to sit and watch something.  I usually only watch a few minutes of Sesame Street here and there so 20 minutes was pretty good.

After the movie, we went to the Discovery Zone.  Miss Shelby’s Mommy told my Mummy about it a long time ago and we just now got around to going again.  I played with the piano (my favorite!!!), the scarves on the wind machine, colored a dinosaur, played with puppets, dug for dinosaurs and ran around exploring for a good hour.  After the Discovery Zone, we walked across to the Wildlife Halls.  I loved the big, wide halls that I could run around it and it was fun looking at the stuffed animals.  There were buttons and things to look at and touch in front of the glass.  My favorite was the button that made deer noises.  I kept making the same noises, but stopped every time Mummy got the video out.  I had so much fun!  The funnies part (according to Mummy) was when I was coping the way Foo Foo was sitting on the bench…straddling it, legs out straight, and legs in front with hands on lap.  They are some of Mummy’s favorite photos!

After the museum, it was about time for dinner so Mummy and Daddy took me to Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza on Larimer in Denver.  It is very seriously the BEST pizza in Denver – YUMMY!!!  Our waiter was awesome and brought me a ball of pizza dough to play with (no eggs so I could safely eat it…oddly, I didn’t).  I practiced throwing the pizza dough ball to Mummy then catching it when she threw it back.  I have an EXCELLENT arm!!  I had a bunch of Mummy’s salad (I do love a good salad!) then ate almost THREE pieces of pizza!!  They are smaller pieces, but to put it in perspective, Mummy had 4 and was full.  I must be going through a growth spurt because I’ve been eating like crazy over the past few days.  This morning for breakfast, I had THREE eggs with cheese and toast!!

At the Museum:

At dinner:

The photos (including one of my new name letters over my bed that Mummy painted last night):


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