Super Fun Saturday!

What a fun day!  After sleeping in until about 8 am, we had a quick breakfast (Kix cereal is a new favorite) and headed out to gymnastics.  Mummy and Daddy though we might be late, but it turns out we were about a week too EARLY.  There was no class this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Boo!!  Since we were already pretty close we headed over the Babies R Us to finally get those pesky doorknob covers to keep me from opening the door to downstairs and possibly falling down and getting hurt.  We also go me all of my Christmas AND birthday present.  Hooray for sales!!!  This is the last year I’ll get to come for Christmas shopping.  This year I’ll be having TWO Christmas’!  One in Paris with just Mummy and Daddy and another one when we get back with Foo Foo and Aunt Dia.

Once we got home, we played for a while and then it was naptime. I slept for 2 and a half hours – boy, was I tired!  I am moving down to just one nap a day so Mummy is trying to push my morning nap a little later so I can make it to dinner and bedtime without melting down.  After my nap Mummy gave me lunch, but I was not hungry.  So, we hopped in the car and went over to Miss Elena’s house to play – she has some awesome toys!!  I had a lot of fun playing with new toys and it’s always fun to see Miss Elena…she is almost as tall as me!!  We played and played then had some snacks.  I am tall enough to sit, flat-bottomed on their kitchen chairs and be just the right height to eat – amazing!  Miss Celia took lots of photos since Mummy is so bad at remembering to take photos lately…something about “pregnancy brain,” whatever that is.

After snack, it was getting late so we got back in the car.  First, we went to the carwash which is always fascinating.  After Mummy’s car was clean, we went to The Home Depot to buy a new oven and microwave for over the oven – they were on super sale!  Our oven has been cooking weird the past month or so.  Things burn in the back but don’t cook at the front.  They tried to wait longer to buy a new one, but it was time…plus there were great deals at the store.  We also bought some nails because Mummy is going to hang up letters that spell my name over my crib – fun!

After The Home Depot, Mummy and I drove to meet Daddy for dinner.  He was packing up his office.  We met at Chili’s for dinner and I had mac and cheese and salad.  I ate more of my salad than I did my mac and cheese!!  Before dinner, I also ate a ton of salsa and chips.  I eat more salsa than chips…I sure do love spicy things!!  I was so tired by the time dinner was over that I was slap happy and giggled all the way home.  Of course, I cried all the way upstairs because I wanted to play but as soon as I got put in my crib I was sound asleep in under a minute.  Phew, what a day!!

Here is a video of me eating salsa (and one chip):

Here are some photos (thanks, Miss Celia!!):


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