A Big Dinner for a Big Boy!

I had a “short” day at school today – I got out at 3 pm instead of 3:30.  Mummy and Daddy took me to Little Monkey Bizness to play and I had a blast!!  For the first time ever, I played catch…with another little boy who was playing with a ball.  I’ve never made any moves resembling catching before, but for this little boy, I “caught” the ball when he tossed it to me.  Usually once I have a ball I run away with it.  This time, with a little prompting, I threw it back to the boy – go me!!  We played “catch” for about 10 minutes and it was so much fun!!  It was fun to actually play with another kid, as opposed to just playing near other kids.

After LMB, we went to 3 Margaritas for dinner.  When we walked in and were going to our table, we saw Miss Anna, my teacher from The Little Gym, and her family – fun surprise!  I must have worked up quite the appetite playing because I devoured  my meal!  Seriously, I ate ALL of the rice, ALL of the beans, and a good portion of my cheese quesadilla.  It was impressive – check out my nearly clean plate!  Here is a video and some photos (by the way, notice how I have leanred to “smile” for the camera):



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