Tonight, an interesting thing happened.  Usually, when we tell Thatcher “No” he goes ahead and does whatever it is anyway, then scampers off laughing like a mad hatter.  Or, just totally ignored us.  Tonight, he threw a handful of pasta on the floor at dinner and we told him “Thatcher, we don’t throw our food.” When he got out of his chair he stood next to it, staring at the little pile of pasta and we asked him “Thatcher, did you throw the pasta on the floor when we told you not to.  That wasn’t very nice.”  He stared at it, looking quite forlorn.  We asked him to “Please say you’re sorry.”  Then, his little bottom lip started to quiver and he was on the verge of tears…a few actually welled up but none actually spilled.  He continued to stare down at the mess.  We asked him again to please say you’re sorry.  More staring, more quivering lip.  He was clearly upset that he did something naughty and was being called out for it (which he usually thinks is just hilarious so this was way out of the ordinary), but also just as clearly did not want to say “sorry” for it.  We finally just asked him to please pick up the mess because we didn’t want to make him cry.  I held out my hand and he picked up every single last little bit of pasta, one by one, and put them in my hand.  We both thanked him very much for being so helpful to clean up the mess and gave him big hugs.  He then smiled and scampered off.


It was like a switch was thrown and all of a sudden he a) understood that what he did was wrong, b) felt bad about it and c) wanted to help ‘fix’ it.  So we’re still missing the “Sorry” piece, but anyway, this was still huge!  I mean he was distraught about it…to the point of tears!  I simultaneously felt terrible that he was hurting and so proud that he understood and wanted to make it better.  My baby is growing up!

To lighten things up, here are some photos of Thatcher smelling every rose that Todd got me the other day.  Seriously, this morning and tonight he needed to smell (and touch, thankfully he was very gentle) every single one.  He’ll call out the colors he wants to smell too. He was also fascinated by the green leaves and looking at the stems in water through the vase.  So cute!