Sunday – The Museum and Dinner

Sunday was a super fun day!  After my morning nap I had some lunch then got right in the car to go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  We’re members now!  Foo Foo met us there just in time to see my very first movie…an IMAX 3D movie called Under the Sea.  I did really well…for about 20 (of 45) minutes.  I was fascinated by the big screen and all the fish.  I didn’t love the 3D glasses but did put them on a few times and reached out to touch everything.  After about 20 minutes, I just got antsy and we left.  I was quiet as a mouse, but it was just a long time for me to sit and watch something.  I usually only watch a few minutes of Sesame Street here and there so 20 minutes was pretty good.

After the movie, we went to the Discovery Zone.  Miss Shelby’s Mommy told my Mummy about it a long time ago and we just now got around to going again.  I played with the piano (my favorite!!!), the scarves on the wind machine, colored a dinosaur, played with puppets, dug for dinosaurs and ran around exploring for a good hour.  After the Discovery Zone, we walked across to the Wildlife Halls.  I loved the big, wide halls that I could run around it and it was fun looking at the stuffed animals.  There were buttons and things to look at and touch in front of the glass.  My favorite was the button that made deer noises.  I kept making the same noises, but stopped every time Mummy got the video out.  I had so much fun!  The funnies part (according to Mummy) was when I was coping the way Foo Foo was sitting on the bench…straddling it, legs out straight, and legs in front with hands on lap.  They are some of Mummy’s favorite photos!

After the museum, it was about time for dinner so Mummy and Daddy took me to Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza on Larimer in Denver.  It is very seriously the BEST pizza in Denver – YUMMY!!!  Our waiter was awesome and brought me a ball of pizza dough to play with (no eggs so I could safely eat it…oddly, I didn’t).  I practiced throwing the pizza dough ball to Mummy then catching it when she threw it back.  I have an EXCELLENT arm!!  I had a bunch of Mummy’s salad (I do love a good salad!) then ate almost THREE pieces of pizza!!  They are smaller pieces, but to put it in perspective, Mummy had 4 and was full.  I must be going through a growth spurt because I’ve been eating like crazy over the past few days.  This morning for breakfast, I had THREE eggs with cheese and toast!!

At the Museum:

At dinner:

The photos (including one of my new name letters over my bed that Mummy painted last night):


Super Fun Saturday!

What a fun day!  After sleeping in until about 8 am, we had a quick breakfast (Kix cereal is a new favorite) and headed out to gymnastics.  Mummy and Daddy though we might be late, but it turns out we were about a week too EARLY.  There was no class this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Boo!!  Since we were already pretty close we headed over the Babies R Us to finally get those pesky doorknob covers to keep me from opening the door to downstairs and possibly falling down and getting hurt.  We also go me all of my Christmas AND birthday present.  Hooray for sales!!!  This is the last year I’ll get to come for Christmas shopping.  This year I’ll be having TWO Christmas’!  One in Paris with just Mummy and Daddy and another one when we get back with Foo Foo and Aunt Dia.

Once we got home, we played for a while and then it was naptime. I slept for 2 and a half hours – boy, was I tired!  I am moving down to just one nap a day so Mummy is trying to push my morning nap a little later so I can make it to dinner and bedtime without melting down.  After my nap Mummy gave me lunch, but I was not hungry.  So, we hopped in the car and went over to Miss Elena’s house to play – she has some awesome toys!!  I had a lot of fun playing with new toys and it’s always fun to see Miss Elena…she is almost as tall as me!!  We played and played then had some snacks.  I am tall enough to sit, flat-bottomed on their kitchen chairs and be just the right height to eat – amazing!  Miss Celia took lots of photos since Mummy is so bad at remembering to take photos lately…something about “pregnancy brain,” whatever that is.

After snack, it was getting late so we got back in the car.  First, we went to the carwash which is always fascinating.  After Mummy’s car was clean, we went to The Home Depot to buy a new oven and microwave for over the oven – they were on super sale!  Our oven has been cooking weird the past month or so.  Things burn in the back but don’t cook at the front.  They tried to wait longer to buy a new one, but it was time…plus there were great deals at the store.  We also bought some nails because Mummy is going to hang up letters that spell my name over my crib – fun!

After The Home Depot, Mummy and I drove to meet Daddy for dinner.  He was packing up his office.  We met at Chili’s for dinner and I had mac and cheese and salad.  I ate more of my salad than I did my mac and cheese!!  Before dinner, I also ate a ton of salsa and chips.  I eat more salsa than chips…I sure do love spicy things!!  I was so tired by the time dinner was over that I was slap happy and giggled all the way home.  Of course, I cried all the way upstairs because I wanted to play but as soon as I got put in my crib I was sound asleep in under a minute.  Phew, what a day!!

Here is a video of me eating salsa (and one chip):

Here are some photos (thanks, Miss Celia!!):

Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese…a.k.a, the perfect lunch!

It was a chilly day yesterday so Daddy made us all grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch.  I didn’t finish my whole sandwich, but I did down my entire bowl of soup!  I ate it impressively neatly with a spoon, then finished it off by drinking it straight from the bowl.  Mummy and Daddy aren’t sure where I learned this, but I can do it with no mess so it’s apparently OK…but only at home, never in a restaurant.  I somehow know this though and have never tried to drink soup at a restaurant.

A Big Dinner for a Big Boy!

I had a “short” day at school today – I got out at 3 pm instead of 3:30.  Mummy and Daddy took me to Little Monkey Bizness to play and I had a blast!!  For the first time ever, I played catch…with another little boy who was playing with a ball.  I’ve never made any moves resembling catching before, but for this little boy, I “caught” the ball when he tossed it to me.  Usually once I have a ball I run away with it.  This time, with a little prompting, I threw it back to the boy – go me!!  We played “catch” for about 10 minutes and it was so much fun!!  It was fun to actually play with another kid, as opposed to just playing near other kids.

After LMB, we went to 3 Margaritas for dinner.  When we walked in and were going to our table, we saw Miss Anna, my teacher from The Little Gym, and her family – fun surprise!  I must have worked up quite the appetite playing because I devoured  my meal!  Seriously, I ate ALL of the rice, ALL of the beans, and a good portion of my cheese quesadilla.  It was impressive – check out my nearly clean plate!  Here is a video and some photos (by the way, notice how I have leanred to “smile” for the camera):


Jump! Jump!

Well, Thatcher came home from school yesterday with a temp of 102, poor guy!  He’s had a cough and runny nose too. He stayed home from school today and Todd took him to the doctor…it’s just a cold.  He took a 3 hour morning nap and we had to wake him up to go to the doctor.  He then took a 2.5 hour afternoon nap that we finally woke him from a little after 5 so he could have dinner, a steamy bath and bed.  The video below is low-energy, sicko Thatcher:

Adventures in Potty Training

After a few months of off and on potty training that mostly involved practicing sitting on the potty and an isolated incident when, at school, I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and diaper, sat on the potty and went pee pee, this was the first ‘official’ day.  When I woke up Mummy put me in a shirt, underpants and socks…no pants.  I was so adorable but Mummy didn’t want to take future embarrassing photos so you’ll have to use your imagination.  This was also the first morning the baby gate was moved to the laundry room, giving me direct access to the bathroom where my potty is.  mummy put a lock on the big potty so unfortunately I was not able to splash in it…not so unfortunate according to Mummy.

I played a little before breakfast, no accidents.  I had breakfast, no accidents.  Then we headed to the bathroom.  This was where I had my only pee pee accident of the day.  Of course it happened right next to the potty.  I got cleaned up (not hard when all you are wearing are underpants).  We played some more and I drank a little more.  I was not very thirsty today.  We went back into the bathroom and I got back on the potty.  I get an m&m everytime I sit on the potty – yum!  Mummy and I read my big boy potty book and talked about what happens on the potty, what we do after, how we now say bye-bye to diapers and how cool my big boy underpants are.  Fun!

Then…I went pee pee on my potty!!  We sang and clapped and cheered and got very excited!  Then we dumped my pee pee into the big potty and said bye-bye to it and flushed.  I got cleaned up and we went out to play some more.  I was in the kitchen when Mummy noticed a lump in my underpants…I had pooped.  Oops!  Thankfully it was only a ‘play doh poop’ so we didn’t have to throw away my underpants…which have cars on them and are awesome!!  It was only 8:30 am and those were my only two accidents ALL DAY!

I put on a pair of pull-ups for gymnastics class and again for naps.  Other than that, it was underpants all day!  I did not pee pee in the potty again though as I seemed to have done most of my pee pee in my gymnastics and nap pull-ups.  We’ll try again tomorrow and hopefully I’ll drink more so we can practice more.  From now on, the only time I will wear diapers will be for bedtime and I’ll only wear pull-ups for naps.  My teachers at school are all ready for me to come to school in underpants from now on…I have lots of extra ones there 🙂  Needless to say, we’ll be sticking close to home for a while until I get the hang of this whole potty thing.


Tonight, an interesting thing happened.  Usually, when we tell Thatcher “No” he goes ahead and does whatever it is anyway, then scampers off laughing like a mad hatter.  Or, just totally ignored us.  Tonight, he threw a handful of pasta on the floor at dinner and we told him “Thatcher, we don’t throw our food.” When he got out of his chair he stood next to it, staring at the little pile of pasta and we asked him “Thatcher, did you throw the pasta on the floor when we told you not to.  That wasn’t very nice.”  He stared at it, looking quite forlorn.  We asked him to “Please say you’re sorry.”  Then, his little bottom lip started to quiver and he was on the verge of tears…a few actually welled up but none actually spilled.  He continued to stare down at the mess.  We asked him again to please say you’re sorry.  More staring, more quivering lip.  He was clearly upset that he did something naughty and was being called out for it (which he usually thinks is just hilarious so this was way out of the ordinary), but also just as clearly did not want to say “sorry” for it.  We finally just asked him to please pick up the mess because we didn’t want to make him cry.  I held out my hand and he picked up every single last little bit of pasta, one by one, and put them in my hand.  We both thanked him very much for being so helpful to clean up the mess and gave him big hugs.  He then smiled and scampered off.


It was like a switch was thrown and all of a sudden he a) understood that what he did was wrong, b) felt bad about it and c) wanted to help ‘fix’ it.  So we’re still missing the “Sorry” piece, but anyway, this was still huge!  I mean he was distraught about it…to the point of tears!  I simultaneously felt terrible that he was hurting and so proud that he understood and wanted to make it better.  My baby is growing up!

To lighten things up, here are some photos of Thatcher smelling every rose that Todd got me the other day.  Seriously, this morning and tonight he needed to smell (and touch, thankfully he was very gentle) every single one.  He’ll call out the colors he wants to smell too. He was also fascinated by the green leaves and looking at the stems in water through the vase.  So cute!